If you haven’t watched episode 3 of Game of Thrones, do NOT read this

Hello, Game of Thrones fans! Have you seen episode 3 yet?


Well we have and we thought we’d bring you a spoiler because isn’t that what this series life is all about?

Before you read the rest of this article, you need to prepare your mind to say goodbye to one character. Yes, there was a death and it was brutal. But that’s not new on GoT.

Here are the top moments from the 64-minute long episode:

Lady Olenna drank some wine: But that’s not a problem, right? Only that the old, badass lady of House Tyrell drank poisoned wine served by Jamie Lannister. But before she gave up the ghost, Lady Olenna, who has always been a tough personality, fiercely drove a knife into Jamie and dropped a bombshell on all of us but it definitely hit Jamie the hardest: She killed King Joffrey. Remember Cersei’s tyrant son who died at the ‘Purple Wedding’ in Season 4? Lady Olenna finally comes clean on the role she played in his poisoning and we can finally stop suspecting Petyr ‘Little finger’ Baelish.

House Tyrell is officially wiped out!

Jon Snow finally meets Daenerys: The King of the North paid the mother of dragons a visit in Dragonstone but things did not quite go as expected. Rather than the friendly union we expected, Jon Snow would not bow to the Queen “who was born to rule the Seven Kingdoms”. Daenerys fumed, “He’s refused to call me a queen, he’s refused to bow and now he’s calling me a child,”. After all said, they finally came to a common ground but that’s not the point of all this.

Daenerys blurted a shocking line: “I am the last Targaryen”. 

Apparently, those of us in front of the screen know something these actors don’t. Jon Snow is a Targaryen too and we learnt this from Bran’s visions last season.

The Stark reunion: Long lost in life and in vision, Bran Stark finally returned home to Winterfell and met fierce sister, Sansa. She has no idea what her brother has been through but she does not hide her surprise that he’s alive. Remember Theon Greyjoy attempted to murder him seasons ago?

So now they have the conversation about him the next King of Winterfell and Bran has news. “I can never be Lord of Winterfell. I can never be lord of anything. I’m the Three-Eyed Raven”. But those of us in front of the screen know this too. Meanwhile, guess who else is arriving Winterfell? Arya Stark.

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