My husband is our messiah || 7 fresh quotes from peaceful Patience

by Kolapo Olapoju

It is gradually becoming a daily affair, and from the look of things, she’s not losing steam just yet.

Wife of the President, Patience Jonathan, is not one for subtle or guarded statements,- she bares her mind and spills it all, regardless of whose ox is gored or what line is crossed.

In the past few days, she’s been on a talk-roll, and we’re starting to struggle to keep up.

On Tuesday, March 17, during the Peoples Democratic Party’s women presidential rally in Ilorin, the first lady called her husband God’s appointed ‘messiah’ for Nigeria.

She also said many other interesting things. Here are 7 quotes from her speech:
1. “Nigerian women, if they (APC) come, tell them that your mother said you should not listen to them. They have nothing to offer. They have nothing to give you, Nigerian women; because the battle has already been conquered, God has opened the way for us. God has brought down the messiah for us. And PDP is the messiah. Goodluck is the messiah.”


2. “I am a person that will tell the truth. I will not abuse people, but if you are old you are old, so leave it to younger people. What are we going to take expired drug to do? Have you seen anywhere where APC cured any person? If you vote and drink it and die, it is not my business. Do not go near APC. It is an expired drug and an adulterated drug.”



3. “They stole our mandate. This is opposition state. All these provisions of the Federal Government, they are claiming that they are the ones providing them, meanwhile they are embezzling the money. Anyone that comes, they eat it up. This time, PDP says no to them.”



4. “PDP is not shaken; as far as we are there, there is no need for trouble. You know that Mama Peace, your mother, is peace-loving, so the children must also be peace-loving. Women are peace makers and no woman that makes trouble is worth to be called a woman.”



5. “Before I went to Edo State, the APC was there, all to make trouble. I have always been telling them that they like to make trouble. I wanted to go to Edo, they were there. Why? To make trouble. I wanted to come to Kwara, they were there. Why? To make trouble. As I was coming today at the airport, they were also coming so that there would be trouble but I told my security people that I am a mother of peace, so let them go in peace. We, wives of political leaders should not make trouble, so even if they come to you to make trouble, don’t fall for their tricks.”



6. “Kwara is PDP. They only stole the mandate because the Government House they are occupying today is in the name of PDP. We shall take it over. Everyday they change from one name to another and very soon they will change to Ebola and then death will come. My God that I serve has told me that they will fail. So don’t be deceived, don’t listen to their lies.”



7. “There is office for wife of President but they were saying there is none. But soon they brought one ‘Hajia’ as wife of the President and she is now saying, ‘don’t worry, my husband made a mistake, we shall make provisions as necessary.’ Don’t believe what they are saying, hold to what you have because it is better than what you are yet to see.”


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