‘It’s her job to look after me’ and 6 other (ridiculous) things Pres. Buhari has ever uttered

*types hesitantly* President Muhammadu Buhari needs to know that we try, we try so hard not to write these things. Apart from that time in 2015 when he gave his presidential speech and won our hearts with the phrase, “I belong to everybody and i belong to nobody” (which has turned out to be an empty bravado, by the way), we can’t place a finger on another time President Buhari has shocked us by giving a noteworthy progressive speech.

While we can clearly keep track of all the times the President’s wife Aisha Buhari has impressed us with her strong opinions, it’s difficult to say the same about her husband. With every platform he gets, President Buhari does a great job of hitting a new low. It is getting too much to handle.

Here are 7 times Nigeria’s President Buhari has said the most ridiculous things:

“My wife belongs in the kitchen”

This was President Buhari’s response to reporters in Germany when he was asked about comments his wife, Aisha Buhari made in a BBC interview recently. He said to the reporters and to the world: “I don’t know which party my wife belongs to, but she belongs to my kitchen and my living room and the other room.” Just look at how dragged his wife of 30 years on a global scale. How he effortlessly dragged his own image in international mud.

“So I claim superior knowledge over her and the rest of the opposition”

While we were all stewing in the kitchen (and the other room), President Buhari valiantly declared superior knowledge over his wife and the rest of the opposition, which is essentially all of us at this point. President Buhari clearly wants us to disregard Mrs Buhari’s claims of his unfamiliarity with his appointees – we get that. With the way he has gone about passing that point across to us, we have made our choices. We know who we believe, we know who we stand with on this one, and it’s not the President. That statement ends with him saying, “because in the end, I have succeeded“. Why don’t we let Nigerians be the judge of that?

“It’s her job to look after me”

In his attempt at damage control, President Buhari granted another interview where the kitchen question was raised and he threw in the same line again. He threw questions back at the reporter, tried to make him an accomplice, then finished up with “her job is to look after me”. No words.

“Before you ask ‘where is the change they promised us’, you must first ask how far have I changed my ways ‘what have I done to be part of the change for the greater good of society?’”

These were the words of President Buhari at the “Change Begins With Me” campaign where he tried to heap the blame for his administration’s failures on us. If an administration’s reputation isn’t looking good, the worst way to fix it is to blame it on citizens. Nigerians swiftly rejected the move and it is safe to say now that “Change begins with me” has joined the long list of this administration’s flopped initiatives.

He referred to Germany as West Germany

The proofs are piling up. President Buhari doesn’t do well in Germany and after trips to Germany. Less than a month after he assumed office in 2015, President Muhammadu Buhari upon his arrival back to the country from a German trip, spoke at a press briefing where he called Germany “West Germany”; 25 long years after Germany ceased to be West Germany and had reunited with the East. Guess who didn’t get the memo or didn’t catch the news in 1990 for some reason? Trust that Nigerians did not spare him

“The one you called Kanu, do you know he has two passports? One Nigerian, one British and he came into he country without using any passport?”

In December 2015, when he spoke to the press about IPOB leader, Nnamdi Kanu, President Buhari accused the man of coming into the country without a passport. *jaw drops* We have continued to wonder how anyone can fly into Nigeria (or any country) without a travelling passport, but since President Buhari has made such claims, let’s just agree with him. We learn everyday, don’t we?

“Some Nigerians’ claim is that life is too difficult back home, but they have also made it difficult for Europeans and Americans to accept them because of the number of Nigerians in prisons all over the world accused of drug trafficking or human trafficking”

Early on in the year, President Buhari roused up social media ruckus when he literally referred to Nigerians living abroad as criminals and guess who he said that to… The Telegraph UK. His remarks led to the birth of the hashtag #IAmNigerianNotACriminal and it gained heavy support from Nigerians at home and in the diaspora. Fact-checks also proved that the statement was erroneous as Nigerians did not even come close to topping the list of foreigners in European and American jails. Boo-boo.

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