[The Legislative Blog]: These lawmakers want us to believe they are not corrupt but it’s tough

There is no money to steal in this government“, said Lanre Tejuosho, Chairman Senate Committee on Health.

There’s more than one way to understand this statement. “We’d love to steal but there’s nothing steal” or “We are not the type, we just want to serve the people“. The latter is what the lawmaker really wants us to believe but it’s hard to swallow. Senator Tejuosho further stated that, “If they are labelling members of the National Assembly as thieves, they may be referring to people before us, not this 8th senate“.

Senator Theodore Orji, representing Abia Central, also weighed in on the matter. For him, “I came to a senate where we are labelled the most corrupt people in Nigeria. While you cannot say we are all saints or sinners but we are not all corrupt“.

We completely agree with Senator Orji that not all senators are corrupt but most of the members of this holier-than-thou 8th senate have had to face trial on corruption charges brought against them and it starts from the leadership.

Senate President, Bukola Saraki was accused of massive fraud and illegal monthly pension of N100million he received monthly long after his tenure as governor of Kwara state. He also stood trial at the Code of Conduct Tribunal, after being charged on a 13-count charge of false assets declaration by the Code of Conduct Bureau.


Senators Buruji Kashamu, Joshua Dariye, Godswill Akpabio, Stella Oduah, Danjuma Goje and recent past governor of Plateau state, Jonah Jang are some of the embattled senators on the EFCC’s investigation list.

Claiming to be a corruption-free senate is a long shot that would be only be validated after the tenure comes to an end. In the mean time though, we’d like see more of you exposed, at least that’s the most we get with President Buhari’s EFCC; revelations, trials but no justice.

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