Let’s try and imagine for a minute… that Maje Ayida is not to blame

As you read these words, I’m dodging any potential six-inch pencil heeled shoe or rotten tomatoes [or even cellphones] that may be thrown my way.

We are too quick to throw stones at the husband once an atrocity such as infidelity is committed, which I would too, but in the case of Toke Makinwa and Maje Ayida, it is rather queer and can’t be equated.


We had been constantly lied to about this relationship from the get go.

Once upon a time, Toke said she was done with the relationship despite having spent twelve years together.

However, according to the cheating reports making the rounds, 8 out of the 12 years- Maje equally spent with the soon-to-be baby mama.

Safe to say during their ‘offs’ he got himself another girl and then maybe during his ‘off’ with the girl, he spent time with Toke or maybe one of them came begging for forgiveness as the case may be.

What if he was really in love with the side chick per se?

There is absolutely nothing different about this situation because it occurs on a daily basis but the reason why this is a huge deal is because the person-slash-victim in question has painted on social media, a fairytale picture of her marriage, even without being asked.

It all happened in a blur anyway.

One minute Toke is announcing she has been engaged and was talking about an impending wedding and the next she is mouthing away about how much she isn’t going back to Maje after their last major breakup and all of a sudden viola! she got married at a registry to Maje despite having said it was impromptu and yet, her specially-made wedding dress fit perfectly.

The designer of the dress would unknowingly goof by blurting out on television that Toke called her 3 days before the wedding, to contract her to make the outfit.

So imagine Maje being caught up in all of it. Living the lie and having to go along with every charade.

Could it be possible that he had to lead a lie and had no choice but to go along on with it?

The grapevine, although unconfirmed, said he ”broke up briefly” with the other woman to get married to Toke.

If affirmative, perhaps he knew fully well what he was going into; a business partnership with Toke Makinwa that helps put his business and name out there.

But then, maybe he got too deep into it and got too little out of it.

She got the deals, the fame, the popularity, the pending endorsements from makeup companies- which she dearly begs for, the TV shows, the radio shows, the events, the hosting and what have yous’.

He probably gave himself an alibi- that she was busy, traveling cross country for work, her other job which is making appearances on Instagram was also eating up time they should be spending together.

At some point, he may have told himself that the big house they live in, looks like it was gotten for him alone.

And then he starts to believe that Toke may just be better off without him.

And what does he have?

A fitness gig and a column in the national dailies to show for it.

With so much free time on his hands away from the wifey, he goes out to seek the one person willing to give him as much attention as he feels he deserves- his ex or if that is what you wanna call it.

And why not, he may have thought. He probably didn’t want all this. The fame and publicity, all of which he practically got dragged into.

Maybe he wanted a quiet life with a hair stylist who doubles as a lawyer.

Was he reaching too high with Toke? Maybe, maybe not.

Now the result is allegedly a baby.

We won’t really know who’s to blame, what sides to take, until we see proof that all of this is even true.

But one thing is certain, the affair seemed questionable and somewhat orchestrated from inception, hence it was only a matter of time before the skeletons come trooping out.

Who knows, this may be Maje’s defense…

Who knows, these may just be utter bollocks…

Now, i’ll quietly continue dodging those six-inched heel shoes, cell phones and yeah, rotten tomatoes.

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