Opinion: Dear COZAites, this is not loyalty!

by Wole Olabanji


I wish you would see the childishness and hypocrisy in all of these. When the story breaks about a married lecturer who sleeps with a student, no one goes around telling us how wonderful he is at teaching calculus…

I have deliberately stayed out of the discussions around the scandal that broke over Pastor Biodun’s alleged adulterous relations with a former member of the church because I am learning that sometimes, all the facts don’t add up to the truth. There are dimensions of reality which transcend observable fact and when we focus exclusively on the facts we often miss the truth that God is showing us.

I am still not interested in dwelling on the subject of what went on between the two of them. The strange picture that forms in my mind as I watch folks yelling their varied opinions at the duo is like two slaves being auctioned at a very rowdy flea market.

I, however, think it is unwise to remain silent over the very strange and I believe misguided efforts by some members of COZA to create a counter-narrative that is clearly targeted at overwhelming the small fire of the scandal with the avalanche of encomiums that is being poured on Pastor Biodun.

Let me say upfront that as a brother in the faith, my deepest wish and prayer for the two people involved is that they find full restoration in God after this period of fiery trial. They can draw strength from the fact that other believers of even higher ‘stature’ have fallen lower and by Gods abounding grace have been lifted from the dung hill of sin. Besides, seeing as I am also daily working out my salvation, I fully appreciate that proviso in the scriptures which says, “If we sin, we have an advocate with the father”.

Moreover, God has formed the church in such a way that “if one part suffers, all the parts suffer with it, and if one part is honoured, all the parts are glad” (1 Cor 12:26 NLT). Therefore, anyone who really understands the body of Christ will know that when one falls, all hurt.

However, the loud chorus of “I Celebrate You Pastor Biodun” with which we are being inundated tells us that folks are really swimming in a ‘level of grace’ reached only by people drowning in licentiousness. I am quite worried by the overt effort all over social media to do ‘damage control’, by trying to burnish the image of ‘our’ pastor by pointing to the fact of the great preacher, pastor, leader, even husband that he is.

To use the words of the bible…


The Apostle Paul wrote (1 Cor 5:1-2) to the Corinthian Church about the sexual immorality that was reportedly going on among them and charged them to mourn in sorrow and shame rather than act with pride as they were doing. Rather than shamefully go to your closet to pray for a brother and sister who have fallen into sin, you have rather trooped out to write eulogies about your pastor and to proclaim how knowing him (not knowing Christ) has been the best thing that has happened to your lives. In all of this “I CELEBRATE YOU PASTOR BIODUN” that has rent the air accompanied with rock-star like pictures of him; some even showing him hugging his beaming wife, you have missed the point entirely.

I wish you would see the childishness and hypocrisy in all of these. When the story breaks about a married lecturer who sleeps with a student, no one goes around telling us how wonderful he is at teaching calculus; we see his action for what it is; a failing that needs to be corrected. Unfortunately, for many, the real concern is not for the man but for yourselves. Your straining to canonize him is an unconscious effort to reduce the ‘mud’ that this throws on you by reason of your association with him.

It is quite shocking to find that some of you who in time past have rightfully mounted a crusade against those who use their privileged positions to get into inappropriate sexual relationships with people in their care have now turned around to CELEBRATE YOUR PASTOR. What has changed? Where then do you get the moral temerity to challenge those who make aso ebi to attend court and CELEBRATE Bode George or Ibori?

The height of it for me was one cheerleader saying that “disloyalty is doing nothing while Stephen is being stoned” in allusion to people’s response to some of the criticisms that have come the way of Pastor Biodun. This analogy is just sad; to equate being martyred for the gospel to being vilified for falling into sin is quite honestly desecrating the memory of a martyr. What the bible says is… “…you get no credit for being patient if you are beaten for doing wrong.” (1 Pet 2:20 NLT)

Am I judging the brother? No. Am I exonerating the sister? No. I believe that it takes two to tango and as the bible says “temptation comes from our own desires, which entice us and drag us away” (James 1:14 NLT). Importantly, we also learn from scripture that God’s grace (no matter its level) doesn’t lead us to sin but rather makes a way of escape out of every temptation and will not allow us to be tempted above what we can bear. (1 Cor 1:13)

I make this point because through the history of the phrase “let him that is without sin cast the first stone” and no less in this case, many have exploited it to conveniently shield themselves and others from taking responsibility for their actions. While Jesus did say this to the crowd of hypocrites who wanted to stone the woman caught in adultery, many have carried on as though rather than “go and sin no more”, what Jesus said to the woman was “GO, I CELEBRATE YOU”.

What I think ought to happen in this case is that people who really care about Pastor Biodun and Sister Ese should spend their time praying for them, and for the church elders to rise up to the occasion and deal with the issue as the bible clearly prescribes. This is not the time to try to counter the people who are gathering stones to throw by bringing out garlands and shouting I CELEBRATE YOU. There is time for everything and this certainly isn’t the time to CELEBRATE PASTOR BIODUN FATOYINBO.



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  1. Well spoken, this is a really inspired piece. I hope they listen. There’s no love if we cannot chastise each other when one goes wrong, the bible says ‘a father only chastise the son he loves’. There’s no loyalty if you see one you love heading for the pit and you can’t call out a warning. A shepherd won’t change his ways if the flock keeps following him without complaining even though they see him walking towards fire….

  2. Work out your salvation with fear and trembling.

  3. My concern in all of this is for Ese, if you notice that lady came to church to be healed of abuse and she faced more in the church. Somehow she missed meeting with Christ in the church and instead began to worship the pastor and that was why she could commit fornication with him (if its true). What’s more worrying is that at the end she said “if there’s anything like Christ or salvation”. We must pray for her to have an encounter with the Lord himself personally, the weakness of men even “men of God” does not invalidate the truth of the gospel. Ese needs to have an encounter with the Lord. lets’ pray for her salvation. Pastor Biodun is a matured Christian who might have fallen into sin, by God’s grace he will be restored once he repents (if he really committed the said act). He’s led people to Christ over the years he should know to be reconciled to God if he needs it. He is God’s servant, to his master he stands or falls; salvation is personal and how he chooses to work out his with fear and trembling is his own choice. Please let’s pray for Ese, she must not be lost. As for every believer here Jesus is the author and finisher of our faith, he is our model and no else is. When we stand before the judgment seat of God, we will only present the finished work on the cross of calvary alone not any denomination/servant of God. The downfall of a servant of |God should not affect our faith, If Ese knew the God she went to serve she wont have fallen into sin. Let’s all seek to know the God we serve for ourselves so we can detect error when we encounter it. Shalom!

  4. 'The elder women as mothers; the younger as sisters, WITH ALL PURITY', Paul's admonition to Pastor Timothy. Love without purity/holiness descends into immorality. Going to church or bearing a christian name does not qualify one to be a christian, Christ's teaching is that it takes being born again/ converted to be a christian. Christians, in the true meaning of the word, run away from sin as 'the foundation of God stands strong, having this seal, The Lord knows those that are His. And, Let every one that names the name of Christ depart from iniquity (2 Timothy 2:19).

  5. 1 Corinthians 5:1-13: I also received a report of scandalous sex within your church family, a kind that wouldn’t be tolerated even outside the church… And you’re so above it all that it doesn’t even faze you! Shouldn’t this break your hearts? Shouldn’t it bring you to your knees in tears? Shouldn’t this person and his conduct be confronted and dealt with? I’ll tell you what I would do. Even though I’m not there in person, consider me right there with you, because I can fully see what’s going on. I’m telling you that this is wrong. You must not simply look the other way and hope it goes away on its own. Bring it out in the open and deal with it in the authority of Jesus our Master. Assemble the community—I’ll be present in spirit with you and our Master Jesus will be present in power. Hold this man’s conduct up to public scrutiny. Let him defend it if he can! But if he can’t, then out with him! It will be totally devastating to him, of course, and embarrassing to you. But better devastation and embarrassment than damnation. You want him on his feet and forgiven before the Master on the Day of Judgment. Thats all!

    1. The reaction of COZA cheerleaders like Racheal and Seun give me an insight as to why Revd. King and Guru Marahji still have followers, and trying to change them is like waiting for a bus in a train station. I don’t just get it, why is it so hard for us to understand that anyone can mistake and their pastor is just human. Many neutrals like myself don’t care about the amount of grace he is filled with, we only care to knw from him if what happend is true or Ese is just another lowlife seeking cheap publicity. So for now, all these noise-makers should just shut up till their pastor releases his robust reply.

  6. “If your brother sins against you, go and tell him his fault, between you and him alone. If he listens to you, you have gained your brother. But if he does not listen, take one or two others along with you, that every charge may be established by the evidence of two or three witnesses. If he refuses to listen to them, tell it to the church. And if he refuses to listen even to the church, let him be to you as a Gentile and a tax collector.not D MEDIA and blogs! I quote ese from her blog article: Writers Block “All I can do is write. Even when I don’t feel like, I think I should just write. I mean, I am discovering that I cannot notwrite. No harm in blabbing once in a while, no? Heck, no harm in blabbing many times in a role if that’s what it is. I mean, it’s my blog and the whole idea of starting this is to write whatever my head comes up with. And some days it would be total rubbish but the rubbish ought to be said anyways.” This lady is a blogger in desperate moves to succeed. Her articles from march to august has nothing potraying her as a born again christian, just six months read through her blog and follow the sequence of her write up u dont need CSI to know she has a mission all planned out and the big blow was released in august, yeah! She is getting all the attention now very soon the money will start flowing in, her empty blog suffering from lack of commercials, u know na! Adverts from big companies and her long awaited celebrity status will be elevated. O.k i get it lindaikeji wanna be! So if you feel as a church member you deserve an explanation and you are not getting it, walk away, this a lady trying to bring a church down if she is truely on a repentance or sin forgiven mission why do that on her empty blog, okay i get it very soon the big commercial and advert will start rolling in. I bet you this ese is not a bornagain as she claims

  7. Danne thers something you said now that just touched me and its very important to ask yourself that question -what will Jesus do – app®eciate thÀt pointi

  8. Lord hear our Prayers….Amen.

  9. “Them that sin rebuke before all, that others also may fear,” (1 Timothy 5:19-20.)

  10. I get sick when men & women in their jaundized wisdom try to muzzle people up when issues of this nature arise.We need to be very objective in times like this. Where those people accusing the man of God COZA members? Did they work under the PCU of the church? Why did they leave the church & what do they stand to gain if they falsely accuse the pastor? On the other hand, what if the pastor actually committed the sin? Or is he super human? For those citing Joseph as an example,he is still remembered today BECAUSE he did not succumb.Though as christains we are enjoined to pray for our men of God, the man has to come out clean to enable us know the direction of our prayer point. He actually has no option.

  11. I commend the wisdom with which you wrote this and i pray that God bless ur wisdom. I agree with u • I can remember sending a personal tweet to one of his members that he cant protect him on social media bt rather should pray for him. Atleast pastor B didnt tell the ladies that sleeping wit him is d solution to any of dr spiritual problems , some do that while creating great fear in the women not to tell anyone . I can only pray that God redeem them all before its too late..•For me this bible verses comes to mind in all of this is that
    (1) ” let he that stands take heed, less he falls
    (2)”it is not of he that willeth…. Bt of the Lord which shows mercy
    (3)” can we continue in sin and say grace should increase
    (4)”its not of u to judge the stewardship of others ……….
    (5)”we should correct in love

  12. I commend the wisdom with which you wrote this and i pray that God bless ur wisdom. I agree with u • I can remember sending a personal tweet to one of his members that he cant protect him on social media bt rather should pray for him. Atleast pastor B didnt tell the ladies that sleeping wit him is d solution to all dr spiritual problems , some do that while creating great fear in the women not to tell anyone . I can only pray that God redeem them before its too late..•For me this bible verses comes to mind in all of this is that
    (1) ” let he that stands take heed, less he falls
    (2)”it is not of he that willeth…. Bt of the Lord which shows mercy
    (3)” can we continue in sin and say grace should increase
    (4)”its not of u to judge the stewardship of others ……….
    (5)”we should correct in love

  13. I’ll always maintain this fact: when flocks elevate their pastors (till the point they see themselves as mini-gods), it won’t be long before satan silently craws into their hearts and make them their object of worship.

    For those that care to know, this man-worship is always †нε beginning of idolatry. People coined out the world ‘Men of God’ for these pastors because they revere them, forgetting that they are mortals like ourselves – they’re not angels.

    I’m scared that these reverence will at one point lead to idolatry.

    These ‘funky’ pastors teach nothing but prosperity (not different from what Brian Tracy or Zig Ziglar teaches). ‘You can’t worship God and be poor’ is an overused line. Of course, no one wants to be poor.

    What do you expect when your sunday school pastor ‘preaches’ prosperity with textual proofs?

    You go about your daily life implementing these ‘teachings’ and your life blossomed. The next thing that comes to your mind will be ‘Pastor X is working wonders’.

    And because of this god-like status, these pastors see themselves as immortal, with arrogance oozing from their personality.

    I just pray that my people starts using their brains ahead of their emotions.

  14. Signs of endtime*beware of false prophets**

  15. @Rachael you don’t fight the enemy in it’s terrain. Spiritual matter isn’t solved in the media. It is so hilarious seeing that people are earnestly waiting for the man to respond so that you will have another Femi Fani Kayode versus Igbo men media frenzy.lol. Since you all heard the rumor, has any of you making comments prayed about it so that the truth be revealed in no time? If you have, for how long? Selah (pause and think about it).

    1. Let’s assume Diezani Alison-Madueke comes out to make a staggering allegation against †нε president; a well-detailed analysis of how †нε president has been siphoning the proceeds from oil theft.

      Now, I honestly ask; will you be satisfied if your president decides not to admit/deny †нε allegation and his only response is ‘God told us not to respond’ Will you ‘pray’ to God to reveal †нε truth?

      Why has religion blinded our sense of logic? Why do we so much revere these so called ‘men of God’ like they are above we other men – like they are free to do anything, and we can as well leave it to God?

      I’m seriously scared of †нε future of my generation. We are all bloody hypocrites

  16. Buh seriously why are you all on racheals case tho… What happened to being entitled to your opinion? You don’t expect her to insult her pastor whatsoever he has done she can only pray that the truth come out and the victim be justified so let her breathe pls
    PS I’m in no way in support of the allegations Ese Walter has decided to feed us with buh I still hope for the truth to be revealed in one way… God bless

  17. I am a member of COZA who has benefited and will benefit from Pastor Biodun’s teachings and leadership. It will be a lie to say that this has not bothered all church members- even those who have reacted by saying touch not my anointed. Thing is a large number of people do not know how to react- do we join in the criticism/public flogging of a man who has helped us find ourselves and give our lives meaning, (Please note I did not say he found ourselves for us. I said helped), do we wish this was a lie and pretend that it didn’t happen, or do we pray that if this is true then he’d find grace and forgiveness in the bosom of the Lord?

    I am a human being with many failings and several times PB has stood up on the altar and helped lead me through the Bible as I find redemption. Basically he has been there for several of us through trials, spiritual and human.

    So I guess when a lot of us say stuff, what we really are trying to say is that we are just trying to be there for him. Ultimately, this is between him and God on that spiritual level

  18. As much as the human in me wants this pastor to be punished since I know he does this too often, I have allowed the spirit to lead me in praying for restoration. For Cozaites, what was your thougth when you heard about pastor King who is currently in prison. Am sure his then congregation believed he was called and above sin. Kindly let us search within our selves and ask WHAT WILL JESUS SAY. Am sure he won’t be too quick to declare the pastor sinless. And all those who say quote “Touch not mine anointed”, we are allowed to admonish in love.

  19. If the pastor really did this…. He shd man up and admit it… Nobody is saying he’s perfect and cannot sin… He’s after all… Just a man.. Peter, Jesus’s right hand guy denied him three times… What is wrong is if pretends he doesn’t v to apologise for what he did…or at the very least comment on the issue..he now claims God asked him to keep mute…..is the girl lying or not…. Say something…..

  20. It is the culture of impunity that was bestowed on us ib Nigeria by the military, characterised by boot liking & praise singing. Its all abt taking the people for granted. God save Nigeria.

  21. 1. Is the pastor a human/spirit?
    2. Will he commit adultery?
    3. Can he commit adultery?
    4. Has he been to UK before and did he meet the lady on any of the visit?
    5. Any exception to leadership accountability?
    6. Would this happen again?

    let each church member speak for him/herself!

  22. How were Accusations handled in the bible? Starting with Jospeh the key Character Pst Biodun used in his sermon, and the Character Pst Modele used in her prayer point. Joseph categorically denied the allegation. Even in Prison, while asking the buttler to speak for him to the King. He declared his innocence. (Genesis 40). When David was accused by Nathan as the man, he was not silent. He acknowledge and asked for prayers. As for Samuel in Samuel 12: 1-5. He challenged anyone with an accusation to come out. Not 1, and he declared that God was witness that nobody could fault him. That is transparency. Then let’s see Jesus. When Jesus was called a false prophet. Did he keep quiet? Abi did he declare that a kingdom divided against itself cannot stand? Even at the temple when they talked against healing on the Sabath, was he silent? Was he silent when they asked about his disciples? Leadership requires accountability. I have not said he is guilty or innocent. But to dodge coming out in the name of prospective robust reply O ga ju! Ademola. I commend you for being unbiased. Bible tells us to test all spirits if they are of God. To have that critical and spiritually sensitive eye is scriptural. No one should follow blindly.

  23. You have a point. But if they want to celebrate their Pastor allow them do so. I have seen the trend and none of them is souring the lady. They have not even looked that way. They are only telling us how he has touched their lives. Let me write of my Pst Ituah Ighodalo too in Facebook I shall get even with the COZAites.

  24. I always wondered how people like Guru Maharaji held on to his followers.
    I understand better now.

  25. I actually completely agree. People are more consumed with celebrating men of God than celebrate the Word of God ‘cos the Word of God tells you the unvarnished truth, men of God tell you what you want to hear. It’s really sad though because yet again, the church of God (entire international household of God) is embroiled in scandal.

  26. The Lord says he is coming with rewards according to the deeds of each and everyone of us. Oneday, the very truth will be revealed to us all.

  27. You have said it all my brother. I told a group of people this time should be a time of soberness for the church and her leaders not about engaging in what the bible terms superfluity of nothingness. Thank you brother.

  28. May God keep His church…….
    "Those the Father has given to Christ will not be lost"…..

  29. I was accused of “stealing” publicly by someone who apparently knows my itinerary. The accuser gave overwhelming details of our “adventure” together being an accomplice. But when i had an opportunity to dispel all doubts, i cleared my throat and said “…i am consulting…very soon i’ll give a ROBUST REPLY..but in any event God has asked me to be QUIET…” “Consulting”? “Robust Reply”? “Quiet”? VERY FUNNY. If God wants the Pastor to be quiet, then why consult to later give a robust reply? Do people still believe these things??? The “Pastor” should either deny or confirm, and trust God for redemption (which is still available only after repentance), and stop being “smart”. “Consulting” to deny or confirm a lie is a bigger lie! It either is or it’s not. So annoying.

  30. This is truly a spirit-filled, spirit-inspired piece. The writer hit the nail on its head. Elsewhere, I just told one of those 'voltrons' who always use the biblical "touch not my annointed" verse as a garb for covering anything a pastor does, that no one is competent to fight for God. How can anyone be sure that this expose' is not how God Himself wants it? A "man of God" is still human, and we don't need a prophet to tell us in Nigeria of 2day that not all who claim that sobriquet was truly called by God.

  31. Honestly, I have not been able to stop crying ever since I read d story online; even now, my eyes are tear-filled. Lord, please just save us…….save your church Lord, please, just save us and let Your mercy prevail.

  32. I love this piece.It’s beautiful and I learnt a lot.Thanks.I hope the church conduct a proper investigation into this matter to know what d truth about d matter is,if Pastor Biodun is guilty or if Ese just made up allegations against him.But whatever the case,God knows and HE sees.I pray 4 Pastor Biodun whether he is guilty or not,that through this period of trials that he may emerge a better person.I pray 4 Ese,that she will find the LORD Jesus again…But concerning the truth of this matter,God will surely expose it.The truth cannot be hidden…

    1. Has anyone stopped to consider that this scandal may be God exposing the truth?

  33. I could agree less. Very on point.

  34. In all, Biodun Fatoyinbo has turned out a very lucky man. God Himself has provided very good counsel from the very numerous contributors here (including the very deep writer). My dear brother, these are your true friends. Flea from the likes of Rachel, they are either ignorant or simply evil. My heart goes out to Mrs Fatoyinbo who in spite of all “love her husband”. Madam, please pray for him as well. For a change let somebody accuse the wife, 20% of these, you’ll anointing rapidly turn annoyance and God save the woman if a single church Racheal would stand for her. Thanks again for standing by your man. God bless the body of Christ!

  35. In all, Biodun Fatoyinbo has turned out a very lucky man. God Himself has provided very good counsel from the very numerous contributors here (including the very deep writer). My dear brother, there are your true friends. Flea from the likes of Rachel, they are either ignorant or simply evil. My heart goes out to Mrs Fatoyinbo who in spite all “love her husband”. Madam, please pray for him as well. For a change let somebody accuse the wife, 20% of there, you’ll anointing rapidly turn annoyance and God save the woman if a single church member would stand for her. Thanks again for standing by your man. God bless tho body of Christ!

  36. All of una don chop belleful. Una go repeat dis statements for heaven.

  37. This is it. Well thought out and written. God help his church to stand up at all times for righteousness

  38. I totally agree with the writer!!!!!!

  39. So what is the head and tail of this write up? You have definitely made no sense at all, instead I see you attacking persons and not issues. Calling someone a “cheerleader” etal. It all shows one thing, ENVY. From the story spinner to the background sponsors and to media jobbers like you. thunder fire all of you!!!

    1. @shola, if you see “no sense at all” in what the writer has written, then i promise to remember you in my prayers! selah

    2. Lol. Eyah! Try not to burst that vein, dear. It must be really tough for all of you. But still, learn to read.

  40. Wole Olabanji, you said it all. Couldn’t have said it better. Thank you!

  41. I wonder why everyone must write about this issue,must everyone have an opinion about this matter?bcos its a man of God abi,pls u guys shud take several seats abeg!

    1. @anon, i guess “everyone” may write about the corrupt politician, inept leader, randy lecturer, raunchy boss, serial killer, boko haramite, wicked neighbour, compromising judge, shrewd police officer, etc. but not “about this matter”. You are part of the problem! Why should a “man of God” be exempt from correction or criticism? Is he a sacred cow? Your piece would have merited some weight if you had addressed “merits” or “substance” of the comments, but you cannot gag people. It’s called freedom of speech. Please take a seat abeg!

    2. @anon. Its cald freedom of speech, in d name of God dis pastor is sleeping with young ladies and God has decided to expose him so we can sayyyy alll we want. Wen do we stop singin dis chorus of “touch not my anointed”. Al dese annointed men of God are turnin into somethin else

  42. I think Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo WASTED a wonderful opportunity at his church service on Sunday. He will never get that opportunity again.

    I’m talking about the opportunity to say, “Yes, I did it. I’m sorry, and it will never happen again”, or say, “No, I never did that. I don’t know why she’s making these allegations, but I hope she will eventually retract them.”

    Experience teaches us that when you are accused like this, these are the only two safe statements to make. Anything else is severely damaging in the long run.

    1. Mike, KPOM!

    2. I agree with you completely, I am a member of COZA and I will be in church today,I hope he doesn’t miss another chance today again, despite the fact that I DON’T BELIEVE he did it, I want him to say he did not do it and clear the air and if he did he should just ask for God’s forgiveness and the forgiveness of COZA members,and truely repent. I will forgive and forget with the whole of my heart (afteral he is human) Because the more he doesn’t address it the more poeple will be saying different things which is BAD for COZA and really BAD for the body of Christ, which in the long run is damaging.
      I Celebrate you all

      1. So sad that your church is making mockery of Christian Faith. As a leader in a Pentecostal Church expect elders ( If there are any) to ask the Pastor to stop mounting the Pulpit and explain as a matter of urgency the allegation from Ese and Franca. He should also dissolve the so call PCU or remove every female member in that unit.
        Don’t you care about his family especially his wife? Defending him will never absolve him of the issue if he remain dumb.

        1. His wife Kissed him in church on sunday after service. She believes, like the rest of us TRUE COZA members, that her husband never did what they said he did. She still said the opening prayer today in church. If COZA’s board don’t believe he did it, his wife doesn’t believe he did it, his faithful members don’t believe he did it…abeg, whish wan is ya own???? Did Joseph deny that he didn’t sleep with Potipher?? Was he not jailed for it, tho it was a lie?? Didn’t God elevate him later and expose the truth for eternity?? Why are you in a rush for him to deny it??? What if indeed God told him not to speak, you think you’re wiser than God??? How does this whole thing affect you? If he refuses to step down, How does it affect you?? Do you go to COZA??? Why not let the members worry about their Pastor. Taking Panadol for another man’s headache! Hian! I CELEBRATE PASTOR BIODUN FATOYINBO! JESUS IS LORD!

          1. @ seunb you are a fool and a very big one at dat. People lik u are adulterers and wife beaters… Its very obvious from ur write up. I think u need help cos u don’t know Jesus, u only know Coza and for ur information judgement day wil not be organised by COZA pastors. Ur pastor has indirectly admitted to d crime by not being able to deny it. Truth is plain and he doesn’t need to prepare a robust answer. Shame on all of u

  43. i really want to say a big thank u to this piece, God bless you sir. I must also remind us that being a motivational speaker doesnt make on a pastor and thats on the comment made by Dr. mike murdock,you also pointed, “disloyalty is doing nothing while Stephen is being stoned”…. with all due respect stephen was persecuted for his faith in Christ and not accused for sexual immorality. So i thank you for shedding more light on that.
    i have been to COZA ilorin while i was still in unilorin, i woud encourage all well meaning believer to take time out to read 2Peter 2:1-22. God has given us the bible as our guide, find out the truth yourself.

  44. An excellent write-up,you just took the words out of my mouth,wondering why we have suddenly become a bunch of lazy Christians,all we know about GOD now is what our Pastors say and even when they err,it's ok by us so that we don't "touch GOD'S Anointed".I think we need to pray more and be vigilante,pentecostalism is bringing in so much drama and the member's are so gullible,that all that matters now is the size of d church,the decoration/dresscode of members n lifestyle/eloquence of their Shepherd not forgetting miracles and dance dance dance,living like JESUS CHRIST is now old time religion.May GOD help us

  45. God bless you for throwing light on the matter in this way. The issue now is whether or not all those involved and affected or interested in this will reason along and act rightly. Pride leads to denial of the truth and that’s what I fear for those who have refused at this point to listen to the voice of reason.

    1. God bless you, Nkem. Accountability – that’s what every ‘follower’ should demand from every leader. And do you have a right to do this? Yes, you do.

      We are talking about a so-called spiritual leader here who should be a shining example. being an example doesn’t mean one will not fall into temptation or sin, it just means that one must continue to strive to do the right thing.

      In this situation, is the right thing to obfuscate the issue with nonsensical designed-to-mislead stories of what God allegedly told him to do in the past? No. And in fact what has that little story got to do with ANYTHING? Who cares what God told him before? I feel sorry for God – the things we have accused Him of saying and doing.

      Prevarication will not solve this problem for Biodun. If he is guilty, say to the body of Christ which he (mis)leads, “listen guys, I messed up, I’m sorry, pray for me, learn from this” etc.

  46. Racheal nobody is saying celebrating pastor Biodun is a big deal!!! Yes we love him, and we love Coza but r we going to Pretend that we are not bothered by d sexual scandal going on and his unwillingness to adress it??? All the Cheers and celebrations from people were obviously done out of hypocrisy,even at d slightest thing, u hear a roar of applaude which was highly uncalled for.
    A pastor is been Accused of Adultery by two different women, not just adultery, but acts of false pretence, Blasphemy, and most recently, Threat to life. Don’t u think that in all ur undying love for him, he should show Responsibility and Reciprocate your Loyalty by adressing this issue squarely? This is a very Big alligation and the way he’s going about it is really Bad. He is taking the loyalty of the Members for granted. Pastor Biodun is making a very Big mistake….If the accusations are really true, he should adress it Timeously and plead the mercy of God as no one is Above Sin instead of dilly dialling around and trying to be smart. Infact, in some Pentecostal Churches, he will not be allowed to step on that alter until the Issue has been Fully resolved. He should tell us if the accusations are true or not!!! As many have said, the way he’s going about it only means it is True. I love Pastor Biodun and I love Coza as much as u do, but I will not be swayed by the air of hypocritic love…He owes us an Explanation and You know this. You only Pretend not to care, not to be bothered, when Infact, you truly are.

    1. God bless you Nkem.

  47. The best, or even the worst I can breathe for this piece is: THANK YOU!

  48. I still don’t understand why celebrating our Pastor is a big deal 4 anyone.. The truth is that I don’t really care what the world thinks. I care about what Jesus thinks. Pastor B has been chosen by God and called into partnership with Jesus and that’s all that really matters.. COZA remains unstoppable and I personally won’t stop praying for the peace of COZA till God makes it Famous and the pride of the earth.. I love my Pastor and I love COZA and Christ the head of the Church and I will keep celebrating the man God is using to bless me. Pastor B in you all the families of the earth is going to be blessed.. You are more than conqueror through Christ that loves you.I celebrate you Jesus, I celebrate you Pastor B, I celebrate COZA.. We are the takeover generation and we are unstoppable.. Not even this can stop the good work God has begun in COZA..
    I celebrate you all..

    1. I hope you guys at COZA realise what you are doing to the general body of Christ in Nigeria.

    2. Take a minute and read what you posted. Then read it again. Now that you realize how retarded you sound, you can amend/delete your post. Thank me later.

      1. Sincerely, this is crazy. How could anyone come out and write this? So truly retarded and misguided. If you know best Rachel, you would not blaspheme on the social media. No one is accusing Pst Biodun, we are simply saying to him, pls say something to us, put our minds at peace, we love you and we want you to just say something, that’s all.

    3. Rachel I’m sure u wil soon join d church workers and very soon be rolling on d pastor’s bed. Itz women like u who suffer most in d hands of adulterous men. I’m sure if it were ur husband u wld react differently and tel him to com clean wit d truth. Who told u pastor B was chosen by God? Are u God or were u dere? D bible says many are cald but few are chosen, this is a man usin d name of God to sleep wit young ladies and you’r here sayin u don’t care. I feel sorry for u cos u seem more interested in COZA dan ur salvation. Or mayb u’r one of his girlfriends who doesn’t see anytin bad in a pastor sleeping wit girls on his matrimonial bed. Hell fire awaits all of u

      1. Thank u jare

      2. Pls let’s not be too quick to judge this Pastor…even if he is guilty we have no right whatsoever.U don’t even know what the truth of the matter is,so don’t jump into conclusios but rather pray 4 God’s mercy on the affected parties.It’s human nature to judge people when they do wrong but it takes the God nature given by HIS Spirit to pray 4 them.I’v asked myself over and over,’what would Jesus do in a case like this if HE was here?Would HE condemn these people or will HE reach out to them in love?’.If u have the Spirit of Christ,u will do the same..

        1. who’s judging anybody?
          stop playing games and come clean.
          did or didn’t he?
          when’s the “robust reply” BTW?

          1. Let your yes be yes and let your no be no… any attempting to make it Robust sounds sinful…

    4. Few questions Rachel…Did the blood of Pastor B save you? Are there denominations in heaven? Would judgement day be coordinated by pastors at COZA? Why aren’t YOU interested in being a blessing to all the families of the world rather than Pastor B? Help the Pastor back to his restoration, that’s when a celebration will be appropriate. Please think about these things.

    5. Rachel. Please read what you wrote again. Please. And this time, do it slowly. I doubt that you will anyway, but this is just my way of attempting to draw your attention to some of what you said which I find bizarre. First of, why is it important to you that COZA becomes ‘famous and the pride of all the earth’? Is that what Christianity is all about? Have you stopped to ponder this? Are you in Church to be part of this fame? Think hard on this, Rachel (or any other Christian who bothers to read this response).

      I think that you -and many others- lose your way the moment you start elevating a man of God the way you are doing. But those are my own thoughts. Spiritual liberation begins when you realise that you are your own ‘Man of God’ and your salvation is entirely yours and God’s business on a personal level.

      A man of God should be a servant, should lead with humility and shun glorification of his own self. Where you lot rise up to make him a Messiah of sorts, he is supposed to stand against it. Unfortunately this sex scandal of Biodun’s onlys erves to reveal in truth the sort of person he is. Whether he committed said sin or not, the point remains that he is displaying traits that are not admirable for a ‘man of God’ – albeit self-professed, since God did’t come down to announce Biodun’s Man-of-god-ness.

      What is wrong with simply refuting Ese’s claims? What was that BS about preparing a robust reply? The truth needn’t be robust. The truth isn’t a pot of Egusi soup – it needn’t be ‘prepared’ – it just is or isn’t.

      A human being wakes up and declares himself a servant of the Most High. you accept it (which isn’t a crime, we all are free to believe what we will) and decide that he is now so important than he can no longer expect to be reprimanded were he to commit an offence. Go on y’all. Continue to build alters for him in your hearts. May the Christ that you all profess to serve sort you all out one way or another.

      1. God bless you my sister(Nkiru)! You took d words out of my mouth. Christianity is about spreading d gospel Τ̅Ơ̴̴̴̴͡ d world, making God’s word famous and getting it Τ̅Ơ̴̴̴̴͡ the hearts and minds of people all over the world. Not necessarily making any ‘Church’ famous. Many so called christians need Τ̅Ơ̴̴̴̴͡ really ask themselves if they truly know this God they claim Τ̅Ơ̴̴̴̴͡ serve. Study the Bible – it doesn’t talk of any church striving Τ̅Ơ̴̴̴̴͡ be famous. And as for the scandal, it is bad! However this is not the only case (some other pastors are doing such and even worse but no one has exposed them). Let this man be chastised and prayed with for forgiveness and restoration. May God say Τ̅Ơ̴̴̴̴͡ him: “go and sin no more”. No man is above sin. May God help us all.

    6. Dumbassery at its best.

      People like you is the reason why a lot of “smart’ people vote for atheism.

      Someone just gave u a well thought-out, biblically sound argument and u still come and shout “CELEBRATE COZA”.

      Very soon you people will be shuffling around in heards craving brains

    7. Rachel u r a fool, people like u wld end in d same mess and cry more foul…infact. I pray u become a victim…this issue has become a big trend in christendom but I blame ese for disgracin herself, I believe in a wonder workin God dt does more actions to ur enemies wen u leave d enemy untouched..this same tin happened to me wt a top notch pastor bt I left all to God and God has never stopped punishin him daily “MY ADVICE to all christians is to go to church and face God ONLY, never celebrate a pastor or a church and NEVER BE PUSHED TO BE A WORKER remain a floor member” cos by d time u fall into d inner caucus of most churches, u wld cry and ask God y v u bin so merciful, u wld see a lot dt wld make u almost hate God

      1. Afi, I agree and also disagree with u. I blame Ese entirely. Judging from her own story, she knew very well that Pst Biodun wanted a sexual relationship with her. She’s a mature lady, who went on her own to London; therefore she’s responsible. Looking at Pst Biodun pic, u can tell he’s an attractive man; with power, money and most probably charisma. She was evidently attracted to him. She gave in to the attraction and his seduction. Consequently had affair with him. And when the affair went bad she cried foul. Nowhere in her write-up, did she indicate that she’s not sorry, about committing adultery with a married pastor. She didn’t say in her write-up that she feels sorry for the man’s wife. Whatever sin, she committed with the man should have been between her and God (many of us do worst) but she came to the public and requested that we cast stones on the co-adulterer. If Pst Biodun should be judged, sis Ese does not qualify to do so. None of us qualifies, for that matter. On the other hand, if Pst Biodun is guilty and instead of repenting (whichever way available); he and his members are putting up shows. If they knew God, at all, they should know He’s not movved. People are not even deceived, how much more God? The only people deceived are themselves and its called delusion. Like the very much deluded Rachael, who after reading such a heart-warming piece from our brother, Wole, all she could come up with is such a funny and unintelligent reply. As for the Church, we ought to be praying for our brethren, all over the world: the gates of hell will never prevail against the Church.

    8. My dear. You are missing the point. No one is saying you shouldn’t celebrate your pastor but that doesn’t mean he’s not accountable to the sheep he’s sheperding. I pray that God will give you divine insight.

    9. If after reading the beautiful write up above, this is still the kind of response you have, then i can conclude you are beyond redemption and your brain has been totally washed.

    10. Rachel, its sad you are myopic about this. Please try to read your post again and notice this…I… you had so many I’s in your post which tells a lot. Salvation is for all and anyone, note, anyone chosen by God can sherperd His people, even you. Some have been handpicked by God thru grace and some, just for their unquenching thirst for His word. Also, you said COZA is the takeover generation, unstoppable..please the message, the GOSPEL of Christ is what is being spread. The problem of our generation is that we begin to leave the message and follow the messenger. Pastor B, though anointed, is not above mistakes. understand that. he is a man with wants and desires. I will respect him even more if he came out to admit his error, face the consequences and have a clear conscience. The world might point fingers but Heaven will rejoice. That is what truly matters.

      I think as believers in the Gospel, we need to learn something. No matter how anointed someone is, he is still human after all. He makes mistakes. A pastor in UK admitted he has practiced homosexualism before and was trying to overcome it. It was in the news. People criticized, left the church. Some remained, those who saw beyond his anointing and realized he’s human. He might still be battling this but understand one thing, he admitted, God forgave him. Sure, he suffered the consequences but in the end, he overcame. That in the end, is all that matters.
      The bible says we overcome by the word of our testimony and by the blood of the Lamb. Pastor B, if you ever read this, admit your mistake. Own up. and then through His cleansing power, God will strengthen you and probably make you greater than you already are. This is the time to prove that you are truly a man of God. Do you know how many people will be able to relate once he does? many have this disillusion of men of God being perfect or even all knowing, they are not. They are human. Pastor B, come out and let people here your side of the story.

      1. i agree wholly. the earlier he confesses, the easier and the better.
        for conscience sake.

    11. @ Rachel, my sister i am sorry to say this, but just like many, your faith, allegiance and fancy seems much more rooted in your church and your pastor. Though u made some slight mentions of Jesus to give an underlining pass, but your praise of your church is much more than Jesus Christ. What we most often forget is that, the best Man of God is still a man afterall, as a result, excess praises, hailings and celebrations can enter into the subconsciousness of a mortal and make him begin to feel like a small-god, he can begin to feel like he is much special than God intends, and he sees himself as better than others. Rather than turn them to celebrities and be shouting abt how much we celebrate them, why not lets put moderation. I am sure that the ‘small’ church in Philadephia (Rev, 3) never had time to celebrate the servant of the church. I ll advise moderation and refocus. The Gospel is not abt COZA or 4square or RCCG, it is not abt any Pastor, but abt Jesus Christ, it is all abt Jesus and non abt the praise-singing and chanting of any clergy.

    12. You are exactly what this article is trying to address. First I must say I’m a COZA member as much as you are and I have been immensely blessed by Pst Biodun’s teachings.He is and he remains a blessing to a lot of people. No one’s condemning him,but I totally condemn his actions and the fact that he’s refused to come out with his side of the story. I for one doesn’t like the fact that he’s been silent so far,saying God doesn’t want him to comment yet…The name of God has been dragged into the mud in this scandal and I don’t think God will want a silence on this,but then,who am I to know otherwise. But the truth is,this scandal has really brought disrepute to the church of God,I can’t count the munber of pple I’ve had to defend Pst Biodun to over the past few days. How he handles this scandal is between him and God,but at the same time,he owes it to the church to address this scandal.

    13. Now this person shouting “I celebrate COZA” et-al is getting everything wrong. The fact still remains that the body of Christ isn’t divided. As far as God is concerned there isn’t COZA or any other denomination. It is “THE CHURCH” period. So what has happened is not to a particular denomination, it is to the Church. So wake up and do the right thing. Pray for the restoration of the pple involved and also pray that the Church doesn’t loose souls to the devil through this, POINT!!! U’ll be shocked that u could just be the next target for the devil (GOD forbid).

      Let all however take heed to the things we have heard less we drift. We cannot cont in sin and expect grace to abound. Live a life that is worthy of Christ.

    14. Rachel read your bible very well oooo. from Genesis chapter 1.God longs to have fellowship with you and not your pastor

    15. Some ‘christians’ leave out Christ out of Christianity. How is Biodun Fatoyinbo your subject of celebration when the bible which is the blueprint for your faith said ‘looking unto Jesus the AUTHOR AND FINISHER of your faith. Judgement day is one interesting day to look forward to

    16. Rachael you are not being through to yourself. After reading what Wole has just written any true believer should have a sober reflection. We have a problem here and you guys are making it worse. It appears you don’t even read the bible, pastor Biodun obviously is your bible and as such you apparently don’t have a mind of your own. This is not about COZA, it is about the body of Christ so please get this into your head. As for Pastor Biodun whether he did it or not all I pray for is that God will help him and he in turn begin to teach you guys to read the bible for yourself. Be like the Berean Christian.

    17. Rachel come and sit on my laps, I want to show u another level of Grace. God told ur pastor not to reply yet he is preparing a robust answer, have u even considered d fact dat dis is God’s own way of exposing him. My dear sister Rachel you are lost. U need help

    18. Siege mentality has taken over…same as it did in several other similar circumstances such as the Waco, TX incident; and just like in that incident, the end is always ugly!
      The judgement of God always starts in the church. A word is enough for the wise.

  49. God bless you! They need to be told and you just did. God bless you!!!

  50. Mr Wole, I agree wit U. Dis is nt jus abt Coza bt affects d body of Christ and wat diz persons r doing is nt paintin a gud pix. Pst Biodun and d Church leadership has intention kept mum on d issue wch is as expected anyway and diz ppl and truncating d reasoning behind dat silence and shuld be cald to order.
    Weda d tale is true or not (ofcos a lot has belivd it wyl odas tink de is at least som truth somwia in it bt nt all of it and de is d die hard skeptics) none of d persons sendin diz msg’s av sufficient info to deny it. We shuld nt make it appear as if sin among a category of ppl is unquestionable bt must realise even diz persons r humans and CAN fall into sin. Dat de r pst and bishops doesn’t mean de don’t av to wrk dia salvatn daily lik d rest of us and its even more hectic for dem as de av to wrk dias and hlp us wrk ours bt de r nt perfect no one is, we shuld be calm at dis time and watch tins play out.
    If he did it, we’ll av to join in prayers for restoratn and if he didn’t…

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