Robots, space, virtual reality: All the ‘crazy’ ways Mark Zuckerberg wants to change the world

by Tolu Omoyeni

It is no longer news that Mark Zuckerberg is taking over the cyberspace and he’s not
ready to stop until the internet and other tech services reach every corner of the world.
Zuckerberg started out in 2004 with social networking site, Facebook and now he has
advanced in less than 12 years to making drones. And this looks like just the beginning of
the “madness” that is to come. While he is raking in tons of cash, the rest of us are taking
selfies and raking in likes and comments but we are not annoyed. Here’s all the ways
Mark Zuckerberg is going to change the world for all of us:

1. Facebook is building drones to deliver internet to everyone: Facebook’s
Connectivity Lab has been working on the massive project of building drones,
lasers and satellites since 2013. According to Zuckerberg, the dream is to connect
the world by providing internet connectivity to remote and inaccessible areas of
the world. Guess what? It has worked. As at 2014, Paraguay and the Philippines
have seen 3 million new citizens getting access to the internet. On June 28th,
Aquila went on its first successful flight and it was up in the sky for 96 minutes.
Aquila is a solar-powered plane that will beam internet to remote parts of the
world. Though, it is still undergoing series of tests, it is a success already.
Zuckerberg presented a model of Aquila to Pope Francis during his recent visit to
Rome. Hopefully, Aquila will fly over Nigeria and beam internet on us soon.

2. Mark Zuckerberg is building his own robot butler: So, Zuckerberg made new
resolutions and one of them was to create an Artificial Intelligence assistant who
will help out with chores in his home. In plain language, a robot butler. At a Q&A
session in Italy, he announced that he’s making progress and a demo might be
ready next month. Part of the robot’s job description will be to put on the
thermostat in his home and tend to his little daughter. Zuckerberg wants us to
think of his robot like “Jarvis in Iron Man” but a lot of concerns have been raised
about how robots always end up turning against their inventors and causing great
damage, like we see in sci-fi movies. Let’s see how this works out for robot-
advocate Zuckerberg.

3. Zuckerberg is the king of virtual reality technology: In 2014, Mark Zuckerberg’s
Facebook company acquired Oculus VR, the company that builds the Oculus Rift
headset. This headset when worn, takes you to a whole new place with other people. Zuckerberg says Oculus’ mission is to “enable you experience the
impossible.” The innovations are designed in ways that they can be applicable in
the tourism, media and automobile industries to name a few. Mark Zuckerberg
hopes that Oculus will be available worldwide in few years and will be a part of
people’s daily lives.

4. He is sending rockets to space to find aliens: Mark Zuckerberg is on the board of a
project that aims to send tiny weeny rocket to Alpha Centauri, the second closest
star to Earth. Famous scientist, Stephen Hawking designed the spacecraft called
Breakthrough Starshot. The project costs $100m and Russian billionaire Yuri
Milner is also on the board. This mission to search for alien life is supposed to last
for 20 years.

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