Should Donald Trump have considered Elon Musk and stayed with Paris?

by Alex Onukwue

Among the early fallouts from the US withdrawal from the Paris Deal has been the resignation of two members of Donald Trump’s advisory council, Disney’s Bob Iger and Elon Musk of Tesla/Space X.

In particular, Musk’s decision to finally step off the Trump train is significant as he had shown a willingness to play the role of possibly getting Trump to change his mind on Climate change. The South African-born billionaire, whose electric cars, solar panels and recyclable rockets are produced mainly in the US (a good number in Republican domains) is recognised as a leading evidence of the feasibility of climate smart technology that can be trusted.

But Trump ultimately decided against Musk, and for all the focus on bringing jobs back to coal cities, the cold shoulder to the future technologies pioneered by Musk will be a trick missed.

In truth, the green business models of both Tesla and Space X have benefitted from Government support over the years, in form of tax credits and grants. As such, it is reasonable to understand Musk’s disappointment with Trump’s anti-Paris stance from an economic perspective. That said, that Musk’s bold innovations are inspiring a different generation of engineers to think ‘Green First’ is not to be underestimated.

With talk of disruptive travel modes such as the Hyperloop, Musk has been moving fast towards transformational technology that will solve traffic problems that produce pollution and disturb social life. Cue the shutdown of schools in India last year and the smog in Paris that led to the temporary use of the odd-even traffic rule.

If Musk had been radical over the years in changing the world’s view of technology, his job may have got a bit more difficult. But he’s gonna find another route, isn’t he?

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  1. Sonya Hill Gillispie

    NO!! Or Elon Musk, most garbage producing parks in the world! I bet they do not even recycle! Your park smell like CRAP! clean your own up before you worry about someone else. Over priced places for families to go broke! Never give back but want to tell us how to live!

  2. Ruth Black

    No, of course they are mad, they are going to loose a lot of money in their clean air investments.

  3. Barbara L Lirosi

    Don’t need any thin skinned snowflakes on the council! If ya can’t take the heat stay out of the kitchen! It takes tough sacrifice to clean up a financial mess and it time to clean up America’s!

    1. Art Gallegos Jr.

      Did you even read the article? Snowflake my ass. lol He was trying to council Trump against this decision for economic reasons, but Trump doesn’t listen like the baboon he is. What’s the point of trying to talk to Trump if he doesn’t listen? Might as well go as Trump only wants a council that reinforces his already made decisions.

  4. Caroline Harrell

    Elon Musk—In a Huff –He is for his company not what is good for America—He is so FAKE—We the People Are not —WEIGHING OUR DECISIONS ON THE LATEST NEWS PAPER OR TV —HISTERIA—-I AM APAULED AT THE MEDIA—They had no Creditability with the General public before the election—NOTHING HAS CHANGED on that front—MEDIA IMPLIES THAT we the people are not smart enough to discern —ANY THING ABOUT—CLIMATE WARMING– the latest FEAR—to get what they want—-

  5. Russell Brown

    I’ve read the Paris Climate agreement. It’s absolutely terrible.

    Basically, it says that developed nations have to dramatically cut our emissions, contribute technology and incentive payments to developed nations.

    Developed nations can take as long as they need to reach whatever emissions maximum they deem is right for their own country, and then will be given time to slowly reduce their emissions, after reaching the maximum that they set for themselves, on the basis of their countries capability to pay, as defined by themselves.

    Oh, and then something about emissions are bigoted against women and transgender people too, for no apparent reason.

    If this were a boxing match, it would be like the US tying our hands behind our back, and buying China a set of solid gold knuckle dusters, letting them beat us half to death, and keep the gold when they’re done.

  6. Floria Sheffield

    I thought we only had ONE president at a time and not a co-president or shall I say president Bannon and puppet Trump.

  7. Kevin Frederick

    Thank You for leaving it was the best decision ever, Elon you talk like this great creator but yet when it came time to come up with a better paln and better strategy what did you do, turn tail and run, your true colors are not making a good showing and Iger he was poison from the start, so no loss there either. When you want to help there is plenty of room but since you just want to complain the have a file for that, don’t call us we’ll call you!

  8. Scott Crull

    Get rid of these BIG BABIES … the US did without them in the past … guess what … we can do so again!

  9. Leslie Jester

    Have you notice that the members of the Demonic Party are so delusional that they think they are the only ones with a right to an opinion. Must be the 8 years with the pansy president.

  10. Tish Beltz

    no. with these two alone, it should save the taxpayers huge amountsof money!!!! i cannot believe they cant see past their own greed. this was not good for america but only for their enrichment

  11. Apollo Sol

    Elon Musk wants us to stay in it because it will pad his wallet in the future. His company barely pays anything on anything with all the Government breaks and help for his electric car company. The man is making money off peoples exaggeration on global warming. I guess humans destroyed Mars’ climate too right?

    1. Karol Archer

      You are WRONG. You really should read more about his ethical and socially responsible business practices. He puts a considerable amount of his own wealth into his R&D and also open sources it all so that others don’t waste time and money trying to invent. He is incredibly concerned with the environment, and so what if the government gives takes breaks to citizens so we can afford new technology that is clean.

  12. David Casas

    Elon Musk has been the recipient of about 5 billion dollars for his ventures, and now this may come to an end. If his ideas are so great, why don’t the billionaire investors jump in ? Oh, that’s right, when getting money from the government, he doesn’t have to pay it back.

  13. Cort Landry

    Advisory Board… That’s all it is. Apparently Trump doesn’t think their advice is good enough. I mean, they talk about how we have to curb Green House Gas but fly around in private jets, float along on diesel yachts and such, but think protecting the American Taxpayers money is no big deal. Good Riddance.

  14. Sonny Moody

    dont know what it is but i bet it cost a lot more money for usa than any other country

    1. Irkalla Caudron

      and herein lies the problem with trump supporters. But kudos to you for actually admitting it.

    2. Ronald Gordon

      Most Donny supporters are in the same boat they just won’t admit “don’t know”.

  15. Bill Hale

    No. Fuck Elon Musk. He can do what Micheal Bloomberg did and fight climate change with his own damn money. Somebody better fight nuclear proliferation. That will kill us way before climate change will.

    1. Irkalla Caudron

      yes it will, as soon as donnie boy finds just the right reason to push that button.

    2. Bill Hale

      Think you better talk to Obama. He gave Iran a ton of money and did nothing about North Korea. You won’t be able to blame Trump when your shadow is burned into the ground.

    3. Ronald Gordon

      Bill Hale Just stay a Donny parrot and don’t think on your own. Reading your posts is an echo chamber for BritBrat and Faux Snuz.

    4. Bill Hale

      Can you speak English? I don’t understand your gibberish.

    5. Steven Hults

      With your way of thinking, we might as well all become cannibals and start killing each other. The Earth’s future doesn’t matter anyway, right? Not only that, but those resources are going away eventually so the world will HAVE to switch, and also even without any thought of climate change pollution is just unhealthy. How fucking stupid do you have to be to support your side?

    6. Steven Hults

      How the fuck are so many people hyped to help a few companies make a lot of money off of the rest of the country & world’s health?

    7. Bill Hale

      Dude, you are a brainwashed idiot. Move to China or India if you want to see pollution. Do you even have a job? Anyway, elections have consequences to quote your hero. So deal with it or move to higher ground shit head.

    8. Ruth Black

      Ronald Gordon read your own, its a snowflake quote.

  16. Gary Zaremba

    Good riddance to both those Commies. They had way too much influence anyway.

    1. Ronald Gordon

      Billionaire commies. I remember that definition when I majored in Political Science. Image you being agents environmental issues working in the petroleum industry.

  17. Judy Utter

    so I guess they felt so entitled that they did not get what they wanted a yes man but a president who would listen to the advisors (key word advisors) and did what he felt was right. they need to put on their big panties and realize they do not have the power they thought. they have the right to resign but grow up and do not pout if you do not get your way

  18. Dennis Burnsides

    “You didn’t do what I wanted, so I’m taking my ball and going home.”

  19. Dennis Burnsides

    “You didn’t do what I wanted, so I’m taking my ball and going home.”

  20. Leslie Jester

    No. . . people like him are a dime a dozen. He’ll be easily replaced or maybe doesn’t even need to be replaced. It’s his loss because when Trump makes the new deal he will have no say so except by going on a news show and telling the world how he would have done it differently. These type of people are more into pouting because Trump dared to save the American people Millions of Dollars.

    1. Leslie Jester

      yes These climate freaks make me so mad. Why did they go to Paris and make an agreement again where the states get the shaft. For years they have talked about it but when you give poor countries money they don’t spend it on improving emissions and other things. Even Europe was getting money from us. Don’t these countries have any money of their own. Sometime i think we have become the world’s bank and our government has thought we had trees that grew it.

    2. Josh Kannel

      Not delusional, just uneducated and critically uninformed.

    3. Leslie Jester

      Under my constitutional right I get to block all Obama butt kissers.

    4. Steve Lindblom

      Trump is like a street urchin selling newspapers on the corner compared to a man like Musk. Musk creates more wealth and in ovates more before breakfast than Trump has in his entire life.

    5. Irkalla Caudron

      Leslie Jester That’s right sweety, keep sticking your fingers in your ears and screaming “nanananana I can’t hear you”.

    6. Ronald Gordon

      Saving millions is more important that clean air or water. Donny logic: I got mine to hell with you.

    7. Leslie Jester

      Well if you weren’t so stupid and ignorant our president plans to do both. He is planning a new Paris agreement where the US as usual is not going to foot the bill for most of the countries in the world. He is absolutely right and it is time some of them stepped up to the plate and carried their share of the load. Especially the European countries.

    8. Leslie Jester

      Ronald Gordon Won’t be me going to hell but then you wouldn’t know how not to get there with your abusive language. Bet your children have sewer mouth too.

  21. Leslie Jester

    No. . . people like him are a dime a dozen. He’ll be easily replaced or maybe doesn’t even need to be replaced. It’s his loss because when Trump makes the new deal he will have no say so except by going on a news show and telling the world how he would have done it differently. These type of people are more into pouting because Trump dared to save the American people Millions of Dollars.

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