The Media Blog: Our Best Friend’s Wedding has us asking questions

What does it mean when people are watching a show but don’t appear to be talking about it? That’s what Our Best Friend’s Wedding has us asking.

The show is racking up the views considerably, with the first, second and third episodes getting roughly 150,000, 120,000 and 70,000 views till date. Pretty huge numbers, given that this is Red TV’s first ‘big’ show, and Nigerian online TV leader, Ndani TV, didn’t start seeing such numbers till about 2 years after inception.

The big difference, though, is that while Ndani TV shows seem to get a lot of talkability, Our Best Friend’s Wedding appears to be struggling in that regard. Or maybe we’re looking in the wrong places? Skinny Girl In Transit appears to get considerable buzz (not that we can, for the life of us, understand why) and has views on par with Our Best Friend’s Wedding. Even Accelerate TV’s disaster On The Real at least got people talking about what a mess it was.

Maybe it’s too early? Or maybe some shows just lend themselves more to ‘noise’ than others? As we said, we think Our Best Friend’s Wedding is a commendable effort, and the fact that so many people are watching already is a fantastic sign. But maybe it isn’t Red TV’s lightning rod. The first battle is in grabbing the eyes and making them stay. So maybe the show’s true function will ultimately be to pave the way for the show that eventually gets Red TV on the lips of everyone.

We continue to observe.

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