#UltimateLoveNG: Chiddy Banks gets validation from the ladies

When it comes to TV shows, it’s easy to pay attention to the most eccentric and interesting characters, the people that have such an outstanding identity it’s almost impossible not to notice them. From baby face characters that we all love to love to characters that we all love to hate, we mostly focus on those that give us a lot to talk about.

For reality TV however, this creates some complexity. Ultimate Love in this regard is no exception. The audience’s reception to the show is largely dependent on the characters who must walk that thin line between being authentic and being entertaining.

For a show that is supposed to depict real emotions and reactions, character development easily becomes a bit tricky, and the metrics for deciding protagonist and antagonist characters becomes misplaced.

You only need to take a stroll through Ultimate Love trends on social media to validate this point. On one hand, the most out there couples in the Love Pad, like Iykeresa and Roksie have garnered the most attention because they seem interesting not because they seem real, while a controversial couple like PreshDavid always seem to be in the conversation, because of the troubles they lay.

Not much attention is paid to low-key characters like Sylvia and her man Chiddy Banks, who, arguably have the realest relationship in the house. So far their relationship has not left room for question, they keep the love thing moderate and at the same time exciting, they both exhume authenticity. Regardless they don’t get anywhere near the attention they deserve. In my opinion, they are supposed to be strong contenders for the final prize, because of how true have remained, particularly Chiddy, who rarely has an issue with anyone.

His realness in the house was validated on Friday morning, by Sylvia, Theresa and Presh, after Sylvia had disclosed to the ladies that Aunty had been granted her and Chiddy some time in the love nest.

You know it’s real when prime time gossip like Presh, only has good things to say about you. All three ladies spoke about the fact that Chiddy is someone they can easily trust. They admitted that there is no falseness in his character and he genuinely seems to care about everyone.

Theresa even went as far as declaring that he is the only person in the house that can nominate her and she wouldn’t take it personal. Presh admitted that Chiddy is the only person she can spot talking to David, and she wouldn’t be worried. Sylvia just sat there, enjoying the praises both ladies heaped on her man.

So what does reality TV mean to you? Should we pay attention to the most interesting characters or should we pay attention to the realest?

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