#UltimateLoveNG: DoubleChris becomes the 3rd couple this week to declare hatred for ObiEbi

I know we signed up for reality TV drama when we tuned in to watch the Ultimate Love game show, but so far, with the nasty drama that has become synonymous with the housemates, it’s safe to say that what most people envision when they think of a love show  is contrary to what we are currently witnessing. Some of the take aways from the show is not from the couple goals moments the audience expected to be treated to, nonetheless, perhaps it is this sort of gritty and unsaturated drama mixed with the emotional turmoil in the Love Pad that spotlights the very challenges in many of our own relationships, that we struggle with, and maybe, just maybe, it is this drama that has drawn more audience to show. 

Every week the tension in the house only seems to get worse, as nominations become precedent for malice to be bred. Matters escalate far more than they should and tempers flare much more than we expect. Housemates reacts in ways we couldn’t even fathom and gossips becomes the order of the day, kind of reminds you of another reality show, if you know what I mean. 

This time, just when we thought the tension couldn’t escalate any further, DoubleChris went ahead to declare their hatred for ObiEbi. On Monday morning, DoubleChris made ObiEbi the subject of discussion and they went on and on about how they distrusted the couple. And yes, you probably would have guessed it by now, this new found hostility was fueled by nominations the previous day.

While discussing about the ongoing feud between them, Chris suggested that both Obichukwu and Ebi were emotionally manipulative, Ville seemed to agree, calling them emotional blackmailers. He made reference to when he spoke to them about nominations and how their reason seemed petty.

Chris concluded by promising to give the couple a piece of her mind next time they talk, whether Ebi cries or not, in her words “I don’t care if she cries, cry, cry baby.” Luckily both couples seem to have been keeping their distance, just harboring ill will amongst each other.

Seems like after Sunday Night Nominations, ObiEbi can’t seem to catch a break in the, as other housemates are gunning for them. It seems unfair though, I mean, someone has to nominate someone, and it may not necessarily born of animosity.

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