#UltimateLoveNG: Friendship called into question as Arnold renames Jay, ‘Judas’

Another day, another mess of a situation in the Love Pad, this time, between to supposed friends, Jay and Arnold. Words do have a way of hitting our sensitive spots, and it is paramount that, as adults, we try to filter the things we say as much as possible. Often times, the hurtful things that comes out our mouth can manifest in ugly ways don’t expect, same way Arnold was blind sided by Jay’s revelation to Aunty on Thursday.

Anytime Aunty shows up in the Love Pad, it’s usually to check up on the housemates, to weigh in on their relationships and help them as much as possible navigate the tricky terrain that is finding genuine love in a reality TV show. But whenever Aunty goes into the love pad outside of this reason, it immediately denotes that there is an issue among the housemates which she must attend to.

The issue this time was over something that was being said. Prior to Aunty’s visit, Jay had written a note to her, stating that; at this point he cannot be held responsible for his actions, what he would do to Arnold if Arnold antagonized him again is beyond him. Sensing a violent confrontation brewing, Aunty decided to step in.

In a general session with all the housemates, Aunty urged them to lay out their grievances, particularly, Jay, and Jay called out Arnold for calling him Judas. Apparently, Arnold had made a distasteful joke about Jay, when Jay stretched out his hands to shake Arnold, Arnold said that he’d rather kiss him on the cheeks, since he is Judas. This did not sit well with Jay, he didn’t, in any sense, appreciate the joke and thus decided to bring it to Aunty’s attention, and Aunty brought it to everyone’s attention, especially Arnold, who said he had only said it once, and as a joke no less.

Later that day, Arnold spoke to his partner about it, and expressed how irritated her feels that Jay is trying to blow things out of proportion, and how he sees through Jay’s elaborate attempt to get him in trouble.

In a one-on-one conversation later on, Bolanle, who at this point seems blindly infatuated with Arnold, defended her man, trying to explain to Jay that the joke was not said in bad spirit and was only said once. Jay wasn’t having it. Even when Nkechi tried to talk to Jay, Jay shut her out and walked out on her. Perhaps the pressure in the Love Pad is becoming too much to bear or maybe Jay is just a guy who does’t take kindly to ‘jokes.’


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