#YNaija2020Review: Here are the Top Ten #COVID19 Misconceptions from 2020

covid-19 misconceptions

2020 was that year! Although starting with a lot of promises to be a good year from the spiritual and cosmic conscious, the year took a turn with the COVID-19 which placed the world to a standstill for months. As cases of the novel virus spread globally, people came up with one thing or the other in relation to the times and the virus itself.

From hearsays to blatant conspiracies and unheard medical practices, here’s YNaija’s Top Ten COVID-19 Hoax.

1. COVID-19 is only for the elite: This line became quite popular globally following the announcement of individuals who became sick with the virus. As more celebrities, politicians and influential people contracted the sickness, many concluded that it was a ‘God-sent disease’ targeted at the rich, influential and powerful people. In Nigeria, it was also the case. From the index case of an Italian man to politicians, many believed that COVID-19 is only for the rich and powerful people. What a joke! 

2. Pills and portions, Africa to the world:  As cases increased in Nigeria and Africa, largely, many people and groups came up with a lot of solutions (that don’t work) – drink ginger and garlic, take lemons and oil, etc. All of which were largely false. Most notably; the herbal combination from Madagascar which was claimed to be effective. The news of that drug created a sensation across Nigeria, Africa and the world at large. But of course, it was one of those African norms.

E be Things.

3. The China Disease: The nomenclature became popular after United States President, Donald Trump, referred to the novel virus as ‘The China Disease.’ Even after he was heavily criticised for same, Trump went on with the line – as expected – and it has become a thing in the world today.

Funny, but absolutely wrong! 

4. The 5G Controversy: With over a tonne of reasons adduced by conspiracy theorists, we may not be able to summarily discuss all of ‘the causes of coronavirus.’ The 5G Controversy still stands tall however, among the ‘complicated reasons’ why the world was brought to a pause as a result of the virus.

In Nigeria, many still believe that the introduction of 5G is the cause of COVID-19, even as we have people who continue to push the idea. That’s another joke! 

covid-19 misconceptions

 5. The Earth is cleansing: Many years of disaster and the earth decides to clean-up in 2020? Wow!

For many, COVID-19 was ‘invented’ (allowed, if you must) by God to cleanse the earth from all the evils that have thrived on it for so long. Many Nigerians buy this idea: God is cleansing the earth and ridding it of bad people, politicians, homosexuals, etc etc. Spare me! 

6. Anti-Retroviral drugs will cure you: When Miss Rona hit the earth, one thing many and everyone (Those who believe at least that it is neither God nor China nor 5G) hoped for was a solution.

From home remedies to safe practices to stay healthy, many came up with their version of a solution. For a class of Africans, Anti-retroviral (ARVs) drugs and some malaria drugs could kill the virus. Fa Fa Fa Fa, Fawul!!!  

7. Nigerian weather shall save us: One unique thing about Nigerians is how they make themselves feel special about almost anything. Not surprisingly, we did it with COVID-19 too.

“Nigerian weather is too hot for the virus” became popular after some reports suggested that the virus couldn’t thrive in hot temperature. That joke’s on us! 

8. Hold your breath for ten sec? You’re corona free!: I bet dozens of people tried this at some point. It is all a joke! Holding your breath for 10 years won’t even guarantee that you are COVID-19 free.

Want to know your status? Go undertake a COVID-19 test. 

9. It’s not a young people thing: As much as we may want to believe this, it is still not true. COVID-19 affects both old and young. The only difference is that it is more severe for older people than younger people. 

So, don’t ignore the masks, sanitisers and other safety measures just because you are young. 

10. It’s not a black man’s sickness: Like its “Nigerian weather is too hot for the virus” twin, a good number of people held this opinion for a long time that it almost appeared to be true.

However, what’s good (or bad) for the goose, is also good (or bad) for the gander. So COVID-19 affects all: Old and young, Black or white, and most importantly, rich and poor. 

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