#YNaijaBBNCoverage: Lucy says Nengi has nothing to offer, Dorothy and Ozo make peace

Remember the convoluted relationship drama that has been silently ensuing between Ozo, Nengi, and Dorothy? Well, today it bore its ugly head, or in this case, entertaining head.

Even though they have put in so much effort to handle the situation maturely, there really is no denying that Nengi and Dorothy both feel something for Ozo, and it’s creating a complex situation in the house.


Dorothy, who has several times during the week, expressed her distress for being publicly sidelined to the friend-zone by Ozo, finally let it all out after Saturday’s house party.

After a few drinks and a good time, Dorothy, who is usually reserved, had a conversation with Ka3na and Lucy over her situatiosnhip with Ozo.

While she spoke to Ka3na, she made it abundantly clear that she wanted to stay away from any relationship drama in the house. Her issue was that Ozo’s indecisiveness is putting her in a tough spot, and causing her some emotional turmoil.

She pointed out how Ozo claimed he was over Nengi, but continually goes back to her at the slightest chance. This was coming after Dorothy had noticed how close Ozo and Nengi were during the party. It seemed she didn’t exactly enjoy seeing them together.

Ka3na, on the other hand, gave her two cents on the matter, stating that Ozo wants both Nengi and Dorothy. She told Dorothy that Nengi is stringing Ozo along, same way she is trying to string along most of the guys.


Ozo also spoke to Ka3na about the whole situation. He gave his own side of the story, where he claimed to not have feelings for Nengi anymore. He however, admitted that those feelings once existed, but he is now over her.

Ka3na took to more advising. She told Ozo that Nengi is dominating and likes to have every man in her vicinity. She described Nengi as the sort of girl that will use her beauty to sway the men around her, after which she would drop them.

Ozo and Dorothy

After involving secondary parties, Ozo and Dorothy decided converse personally. They had a lengthy conversation over the whole issue, on her bed.

Ozor reassured Dorothy of the same thing he had told Ka3na. He told Dorothy that he is over Nengi. But Dorothy didn’t buy it. “You will go and puppy dog back. They say Ozo come, you will go like mumu, the say Ozo jump, you will say how high?” She told him.

She eventually told him that she is not interested in the drama, and they should exclude her from everything. They however slept in the same bed, cuddling through the night.


Neo the love doctor 

On Sunday, Nengi confided in Neo, explaining to him that she really did like Ozo, but after the truth or dare game when she let Prince dry hump her, she noticed that he started giving her an attitude.

Neo explained to her that Ozo is not the type to pursue someone aggressively, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t like her. He just wants to keep a safe distance.

Neo then went to Ozo to tell him everything Nengi had told him, there by creating an avenue for the two to get together and have a conversation. Neo may just be the most restless Ozone shipper.


Nengi vs Lucy

Apparently there was an altercation between Lucy and Nengi where Lucy told Nengi that she had nothing to offer. This statement may have stemmed from the conversations she had with Ka3na and Dorothy, where all three agreed that Nengi only uses her body to get her way.

This did not sit right with Nengi, as she promised to show everyone who she truly is. She spoke to Ozo about it, citing him as reason why the whole thing occurred.

Ozo pleaded with her to take the high road, but she seemed adamant about switching up on the housemates.


Prince and Nengi drama

Prince and Nengi got into after Prince saw Nengi and Ozo in the shower together. He didn’t appreciate that Nengi had gone into the shower while Ozo was almost naked.

Nengi emphasized that she didn’t owe Prince any explanation cause she too gets no loyalty from him. She also stated that she is not in a relationship with him so he shouldn’t police her on who to be with.

Laycon, Erica and Kiddwaya 

Here is another spicy triangle. Laycon who has been nothing but a friend to Erica, since day one, finally let his feelings known to her. On Sunday, the two had a conversation, where Laycon bore his heart out. He told Erica that he likes her, even if she doesn’t like him back. He also told her that at this point, he can’t push her away.


The was a sliver of hope when she stated that she is in fact single, and at the moment just fooling around. However that same night, she she and Kiddwaya shared another kiss. And slept in the same bed, diminishing Laycon’s chances even more.



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