Are the agitating Niger Delta groups a subset of IPOB?

by Alexander O. Onukwue

In their statement, they declared October 1 to be the expulsion dates for Hausas and Yorubas, but did not make any mentions of Igbos.

The group which calls itself the Coalition of Niger Delta Agitators released a statement in which it threatened to send persons of Hausa and Yoruba extraction packing from the Niger Delta, also demanding that all oil blocks owned to persons of those ethnicities be transferred to Niger Delta indigenes.

IPOB, the more prominent separatist group based in the South East, have often claimed that the Niger Delta area would be part of the state of Biafra if it were to declare itself independent from Nigeria. The leader of the group, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, even goes as far as claiming that parts of Benue State would be part of his republic.

The statement by the Niger Delta group appears to be playing along with the IPOB rhetoric by calling for Hausas and Yorubas to leave the region, while Igbos will be permitted to remain. They say they will declare a ‘Niger Delta Republic’ after they have achieved this, but could that be just a subset of the larger plan by Kanu and company for the Republic of Biafra?

Since June when the Arewa youth group set the tone of quit notices that has now become popular across various regions, IPOB has not responded with any such threat of eviction with a set date. But what would be their level of involvement in the statement by the Agitators group?


  • o c eze says:

    let us call a spade a spade. we only have two countries in the current Nigeria. Southern ad Northern Nigeria. The best thing now is for the two to separate peacefully with out blood sharing. enough is a enough. The Housa/Fulani’s are blood suckers and they don’t have respect for human lives. . let them not deceive us anly longer with their political jimics. All the southerners in the north should get ready and start moving not until when they start killing us, Let me tell you . when the killing starts all southerners will be affected. For there no much diff rent between an Igbo man and others. The laws of this COUNTRY is only binding on the. southerners , if not so what has Bihari been doing since his kingsmen have been killing innocent citizens in the name of headsman.

  • Jude E Orafu Jude E Orafu says:

    How can they call Igbos were Igbos are one of major tribes in the so called Niger delta… Niger delta and biafrans are one people, they’re are brothers and sisters

  • Niger Deltans have never mentioned Yoruba’s in anger before. That us the hallmark of IPOD’s so it’s a possible subset!!!

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