Fatphobia, male centering | Top non-binary tweets we saw from Nigeria this week

Conversations along the themes of the non-binary blog, while sometimes few and far between, continue.

We compiled some of the more interesting tweets we saw in the past week. Enjoy, and maybe join the conversation.


There is a deeper context to this widely contested tweet that many who violently oppose it either refuse to see or are unable to, surprisingly due to deeply normalised fatphobic attitudes all around us.


A lone example of that context is the tweet above. There are countless documented instances, @Moechievious noted in later tweets below.


The plight of Lesbians even within the LGBT+ community, like much everything about women, is very often ignored while men’s issues take front and centre. That will need to change for everyone to attain equal dignity.


Sadly despite an abundance of information on the aspirations of feminism for an equitable world for all – men and women alike, the conversation in most spaces in Nigeria continue to circle back to what the above tweet noted.

The tweet below captured exactly why this is frustrating, especially in the year of the Lord 2021.


While many Nigerians derail the conversation; many in bad faith, a landmark court decision in China might give a new meaning to domestic work – other than unpaid labour, in the country. 

Hopefully, more of this will bring introspection on what it costs women to be housewives.


As the conversation on the prejudice LGBT+ face daily goes, a lot of violence gets a pass because many think “Well, it isn’t that violent.”


The deeply-rooted injustice faced by poor people is more illogical than you might think.


It should have been done sooner, but it is a good thing it is being done at last.

This piece by YNaija puts a much-needed context to why the move by the FG is a welcome development.


@EniolaHu aptly put the perennial double standard against African spirituality in delightful perspective.


A reminder from Erica Nlewedim to block as many people as possible if that’s what it takes to protect your mental health. The block button is therapeutic.

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