Where is James Comey? | We miss the only “wray” of sunshine since Trump’s dark Presidency

Now that President Donald Trump has a new Chief at the FBI in Christopher Wray, at whose confirmation U.S Senators expressed hope in turning a new page, filled with sunshine on a Bureau that has been mired in controversy since the James B. Comey refused to admit he shouldn’t have meddled in the DOJ’s prosecutorial affairs and then went on to start a most exciting obstruction of justice allegation against Donald Trump.

Lordy! James B. Comey!

Even if you’d never heard of him before his Senate Intelligence Committee hearing in June, just watching him dole out his side of a messy story with such dignity must have told you that you were watching a different kind of man than one would typically come across in Washington. James Comey spent his professional years epitomising the an upstanding citizen.

Comey became something of a star last year when in October last year, he announced less than two weeks before the November elections that the bureau had found more emails that may indict candidate Hillary Clinton. That singular act was believed to have cost Hillary the elections even though he was back a few days to election day to say she was in the clear. This anger stayed with Democrats till 2017.
It’s one of the reasons it’s believed that when Donald Trump decided earlier this year to turn on Comey, the left refused to come to his rescue.
In Hillary Clinton’s words, “if the election had been on October 27, I would be your president.”  Comey made his public announcement on the 28th of October.
Amongst the competing interests for “worse thorns in Donald Trump’s flesh” since he became President, James B. Comey took the cake when he refused first to be swayed by the erratic Donald in the investigations against Michael Flynn and then again when he failed to pledge allegiance to Trump and promise him he was not being investigated personally in relation to Russian interference in the elections.
Comey, a former Republican who declared his non partisanship years into his career at the Department of Justice first made his name as an upright Washington veteran during the Bush administration during testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee. He told the story of a tense standoff over a Federal Domestic Surveillance program with top officials from the administration of President George W. Bush.  The incident he referenced had happened while his then boss, Attorney General John Ashcroft lay incapacitated in a hospital intensive care unit.
For anyone who’d known James Comey in 2004 when the Bush/Ashcroft incident happened, June’s testimony was 70% expected. None of these people would have been surprised when Comey declared he’d kept memos of his interactions with Trump from the moment he started to suspect foul play.
When Comey shocked both old and new fans equally with the admission that he leaked the said memos himself through an old colleague, he was only preparing us for what we now suspect he’s spending his time away from service and limelight (Trump White House crazies too) doing.
Just days after his hearing when one may have expected to find Comey on every news outlet’s list of losers of the week, Comey bagged a whopping $100million book deal. Can we hear a cha cheng cha cheng!
In our last assessment, we reported that “the idea of the book was birthed from the transcript of his testimony that was released hours before he appeared in Capitol [for his Intelligence Committee hearing]. A top publisher said, “When that document hit my desk I thought, ‘I want his book’”. The seven-page testimony proved Comey as a skilled writer.”
We also found that “in 1980, he wrote a three-part series for the campus newspaper, The Fat Hat, about the retaining and recruitment of African-American students”.
As of today, we have learnt through the Washington Post that the publishers, “Flatiron Books told The Associated Press on Wednesday that Comey will write about everything from allegations of ties between Russia and Donald Trump’s presidential campaign to the bureau’s investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server.
It already sounds like a page turner and even though we miss Comey, we absolutely support his being out of the spotlight. We wouldn’t want to have him distracted and missing out on any of the juicy memo-like details we want to read about his time with Trump (and Hillary too).

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