Lasisi Elenu Talks Skit-Making Vs Stand-up Comedy in Recent Interview With Hip TV

In the realm of comedy, there’s an ongoing debate about the rigors of stand-up comedy versus the craft of skit-making. Nosa Afolabi, renowned by his stage name Lasisi Elenu, has recently voiced his perspective on this intriguing topic.

In a candid discussion with Hip TV, the talented comedian from Kwara state delved into the financial dynamics and varying workloads between these two comedic pursuits.

As Lasisi Elenu eloquently put it, “Both [stand-up comedy and skit-making] have a different feel.”

He pinpointed the intense pressure inherent in stand-up comedy, likening it to walking a tightrope without a safety net. The demand to be consistently on your A-game can be a daunting prospect, coupled with the requirement to have an arsenal of backup materials at the ready.

Lasisi stressed the need for adaptability and quick thinking, as even the most well-prepared joke might not land as expected.

On the flip side, skit-making has become Lasisi’s comfort zone, an art he can effortlessly weave into his everyday life.

“Skit-making has become a part of me; one which I can do at anytime, any moment, from sleep, it’s a go for me. I know how to put myself in tune,” he confessed. This flexibility in skit creation, born from a deep familiarity with the craft, offers Lasisi the liberty to express himself seamlessly.

But the debate doesn’t solely revolve around the creative process—it delves into the financial domain as well. Lasisi debunked the myth that success in either field hinges solely on the volume of content churned out.

He wittily emphasized, “As a matter of fact, it’s not how hard you work but how smart you work.”

The essence lies in strategic branding and effective promotion.

Whether one is delving into skit-making or taking the stand-up comedy route, finding the right channels to amplify their content and secure financial gains is paramount.

“It’s not about making the most skit videos, it’s how well you channel the videos to the right plugs go brand them in such a way that in turn you get financial reward for them. I believe either skit-making or stand-up comedy can give you the financial gains you’re looking for,” Lasisi stated sagely.

In essence, Lasisi Elenu’s insights unveil the multifaceted nature of comedy. Stand-up comedy demands resilience and spontaneity, while skit-making thrives on personal connection and adaptability. Both avenues can lead to lucrative rewards, with the caveat that strategic thinking and effective branding are crucial components of success. Aspiring comedians can draw inspiration from Lasisi’s journey, realizing that the path to financial gains lies not in sheer effort alone, but in combining passion with shrewdness.

Watch the interview below.

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