MI and Vector sit together and it’s mixed feelings for both sides of the fanbase

Two of Nigeria’s most renowned rap artists, Jude Lampheni Agbaga popularly known as MI, and, Olarewaju Ogunmefun David, also known as Vector, may have just quelled the bad blood between them.

It’s always a pleasure to see icons celebrate one another and collaborate to create ingenious content for fans all over, unfortunately, this is not always the case.

The personalised quarrels on the Nigerian entertainment scene spanning movie, music and even reality TV, would have you thinking that the industry is incapable of thriving under harmonious circumstances, but as the popular saying goes, there’s enough room in the sky to contain all the stars, and the recent development following the MI and Vector squabble characterizes this analogy.

The backstory

Sometime around 2008, a meteor, ‘Safe’ by MI struck the Nigerian music industry and sent shock waves throughout the entire country. The song propelled music lovers to go cup the album of this new kid on the block.

With the release of ‘Talk About It’, MI made a grand entry into to the Nigerian music landscape, revamping it with an english speaking rap style that infused African sound and a Western pattern of rap.

Long story short, it worked, and with Nigerians accepting a sound that didn’t rely on indigenous acoustics or Pidgin English, MI told the world that there is a place for rap in Nigeria.

Two years later, Vector had his coming out party and really made some noise in the music scene with his debut album, ‘State of Surprise’.

With two rappers who sounded alike, with some level of success albeit to different degrees, the typical me vs you fanbases quickly got to work, hosting numerous debates online and on the streets bickering over who the better rapper is.

A short story on the MI-Vector beef

For the longest time, both rappers steered clear of any fan banter, as far as they were concerned, they were two rappers struggling to remain at the zenith of Nigerian music in a gradually deteriorating music industry.

Names like Phyno and Olamide had literally done a 360 on the narrative and made rap in local Nigeria language over a western-like hip-hop that beat the new cool, and the fans absolutely loved it. English speaking, subliminal facts and literary points were no longer the rave.

However guys like MI and Vector were still being recogniSed for their brilliance by critics and award bodies regardless of their drowning marketability.

Vector getting an award over MI would spark some tension after MI released a song where he questioned the criteria the award body uses.

A record titled ‘Tetracycling’ which Vector released back in 2017 is said to have fully incited the quarrel that would ensue between himself and Mi.

Mi would follow up with his own diss track, ‘Viper’, which broke Nigeria internet. However, Vector refused to stay down and dropped, ‘Judas the rat’, giving Nigerians something to fight about and revitalising rap momentarily.

Since then, its been common knowledge that there is love hardly exists between the two rappers.

However, a short clip surfacing on Twitter today where both rappers sat from across each other having a seemingly civil conversation had Nigerians talking.

In one of the snippets put out, Vector apologised to MI’s fans for calling them dumb, and in return, MI wished Vector a happy birthday.

Judging from the undertones of the conversation, it’s likely that both rappers are ready to let the animosity go, and look to collaborate.

The conversation was hosted by Hennessy Artistry, and fans on Twitter are divided between those who hilariously believe that Hennesey may have just destroyed the most entertaining beef in the music industry and the majority who are psyched for an MI/Vector collaboration.

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