Nigerian youth blacklist Atiku and his peers, and there are reasons for this

Almost everyone that has led Nigeria since its democratic dispensation in 1999 is presumed to have left the country worse off than they met it. This seems to be because of a lack of ingenuity to solve complex modern economic problems, or a reluctance to; ultimately because the nation’s crop of leaders are those who hardly understand modern democratic methods.

Our current leaders come from a simpler time when technology was not a developmental tool, and the population was less. They, unfortunately, still serve as our leaders.

Nowadays, people are more enlightened and as such demand all the prerogative of at least a standard government that would fix its era-dependent problems. Regardless we are stuck with a President who in six years is assumed to have caused more harm to a supposedly growing economy than imaginable.

His tenure, coupled with the presidential tenures of the last 20 years has dissuaded public trust against any political old-timer. Also, with the recent #LekkiMasscre and other fatalities from form the #EndSARS protests, Nigerian youth have been turned off every and any politician who has held or been in power since the 70s.

As far as the youth of today are concerned, any person known to have been in governance since before democracy and before 2020 has nothing but misery to offer, and potential 2023 presidential aspirant, Atiku Abubakar is no different.

Today, a tweet endorsing the former Vice President of Nigeria Atiku was put out, and the mere suggestion was met with a wave of furious backlashes.

Young Nigerians are absolutely not sold on the idea of having Atiku as the next President. To them, he is just an extension of an already failed government, reluctant to give up the perks it once enjoyed.

Whether he presents himself as a member of the All Progressive Congress (APC), or The People’s Democratic Party (PDP), no one cares, all the youth have resolved to do is deny anyone above the age of 60 their votes.

This old breed of politicians have shown that their selfish interests come before the good of the general public, and for the younger generation well informed, this sort of attitude just won’t cut it anymore. The youth have refused to tolerate or fuel themselves, a system that continues to decay owing to corrupt governance.

While we can’t say for sure what the man’s true intent is, whether it’s for the good of the country, or just an unhealthy obsession to be called President, one thing remains certain, and that is the fact that the youth are not going to take the risk of finding out, by voting him in.

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