The battle for Saskay’s heart; how late is too late for Cross? | #BBNaija Saturday Night Special

It was yet another session of enjoyment and entertainment for the Big Brother Naija housemates at their famed Saturday night party. And as it is with these parties, alcohol was free flowing and the housemates helped themselves to as much alcohol as they could handle.

Following the close of the party, some housemates got to talking, and some of it was under the influence. Never the less, the conversation Cross had with Saskay, even though both characters were a but intoxicated, was a conversation that has been long in the making.

Cross and Saskay for the first time since that Sunday Ebuka caused a rift between them, sat down to have a heart to heart, and a heart to heart was exactly what it turned out to be. During the conversation, both housemates poured their heart out, and for the first time with these two, you could tell that they were being real with their feelings.

Cross disclosed to Saskay all the things that attracted him to her. He told her she is beautiful, very cultural, and spiritual, and those were the qualities he loved about her, amongst other things. From there, he decided that maybe it was time they talked things out, seeing as this last night could potentially be any or both of them last in the house.

Saskay finally said what everyone was thinking, and that’s the fact that their relationship did not sail because Cross didn’t give her enough attention. She made some pretty valid points, noting that even if Cross’s plan was to wait till they get out the house, in that time her and Jaypaul would be getting closer, and by the time the show is over, she may have gotten undetachably attracted to Jaypaul.

She also pointed out that while Cross had kept his distance from her, her and Jaypaul have been sharing a lot of intimate moments and experiences together. So in retrospect, while Cross drifts away from her Jaypaul has been getting closer, thus the reason she choose to stick to Jaypaul.

On the show, it has been noted by several housemates that Saskay is incredibly intelligent, and after hearing her conversation with Cross last night, this fact has become undeniable. She was able to articulate her feelings in a way that made the audience see what’s in her heart, and after last night, all anyone can do is blame Cross for not pushing hard enough to sail a ship most people were itching to see. The only question now is, is it too late, has Jaypaul etched too much of himself on Saskay for her to stay, or is there still a sliver of hope for Cross to move in?

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