The Daily Vulnerable: How do you want to feel?

by Jamie Varon

Right now is the perfect time to listen to the voice within. In solitude. In stillness. When anxiety is most prominent, you have the chance for change. I don’t say that lightly. I can tell you that alleviating and learning from my anxiety and redirecting myself back to feeling good has had a drastic and positive impact on my life for years and especially right now.

Right now, it’s more important than ever to have a touchstone, a North Star, a fixed point that you can keep coming back to.

How do you want to feel right now?

How do you want to feel during this experience?

After this experience?

In a year from now?

By January 2021?

And, most importantly, how will you get yourself closer to that feeling each day?
Are you feeding your panic or are you feeding your joy? Do your daily actions line up with what you most want to feel and bring to fruition? Are you feeding your desires or are you feeding your fear?

Do you know how to get yourself back to feeling good? Or feeling focused? Or feeling whatever [emotion] you want to feel on a consistent basis?

Most people underestimate how much more control they have over their emotions. I’m not talking about suppressing or repressing them. I’m talking about listening to them—and being able to work in tandem with your fears and anxieties. They are often our most valuable teachers, but if we distract and avoid them, we end up confused and lost, feeling like we can’t get control of anything.

You’re not doing something “wrong” though. To listen to yourself—it’s a skill. It’s a habit. It takes practice. Especially when the outside noise is so loud, so overwhelming.

The good thing is that whatever you start now has a cumulative effect on your life. Small steps build up. Small habits that seem inconsequential now can be the basis of your well-being just a couple weeks from now.

Your well-being is so important, especially now. Listening to yourself and honoring your emotions is imperative. At any given moment, you are making the choice between feeding your fear or feeding your well-being. Even when life feels so uncertain and scary, you are still in the driver’s seat of YOUR life.

*Jamie Varon is a writer, designer, and creative consultant living in Calabasas, Califonia. Her favourite daily ritual is spending 20 minutes every morning writing out her intentions; she the author of Friday Letters and can be found online at


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