Today’s Noisemakers: Olori Wuraola, Lanre Olusola, Igwe 2Pac and others

Every day on the Nigerian internet, there are people who keep our eyes glued to our phone screens as we read their rants, opinions, perspectives on political and social matters, etc. Sometimes, they are just downright ridiculous. We make it our job to take down the names of these noisemakers.

1 Olori Wuraola

Olori Wuraola is now Zaynab Otiti Obanor, after her 17 months-old marriage to the Ooni of Ife broke up. Rumours had circulated on blogosphere weeks before that the couple was no longer an item. The grapevine also accused the Olori of serial infidelity. Having stomached enough crap, she decided to set the record straight:

OFFICIAL STATEMENT We have got to stop this culture of shaming and vilifying women with false stories of infidelity & nefarious behavior. The spreading of false information (through "sources" afraid to be identified) is the mark of cowards and a cover up for guilty parties to justify their horrific actions. There is absolutely no truth to the media circulated lies of infidelity and infertility- on my end. What I can confirm, is that the Ooni and I are no more. I inhale love & exhale gratitude. My journey continues as a Humanitarian aiding women and victims of domestic violence & abuse with the United Nations. No matter how much time you've invested, no matter the use of media to silence & manipulate, no matter the circumstance, slander, embarrassment, threats and lies: Get out and seek immediate help! We've seen this movie before. Women being dragged in the press & blamed for everything under the sun. This behavior is unacceptable. I urge those involved to be mindful of their actions for the eyes of our Almighty God are always watching. The seeds of slander is a cancer that harvests to eat away the souls of the planter. The throne is sacred and the attempts to tarnish the name of a Queen, in defense or on behalf of a silent King makes all involved look terrible. Remain dignified in all you do. It's not the end of the world, but the start of a new chapter and you must turn the page with grace. The world is watching. As I bid adieu to this chapter, my wish to you all is to step into your lives – boldly & fearlessly, the way God intended and live not just by words, but through example. The best chapter in our lives is the one we are writing now. Thank you for your love and support. With peace, love &  light, -Her Highness, Zaynab Otiti Obanor.

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Indeed it is.

[In case you missed it]: “No one is immune from slut shaming, not even the Olori of Ife”


2. Dele Momodu

This being a “high-profile” traditional marriage, the who’s who in the celebrity arena needed to give their two cents. Cue Dele Momodu:

We see you, Mr Momodu.

3. Kemi Olunloyo

Oh dear. The struggle is real. It appears we have a battle of I broke the news first on our hands. Founder of HNN Africa wants you to know:

#KOOVIEWS I was the first to tell you that Queen Zaynab Wuraola left the palace by a credible palace snitch, then King Enitan released a statement that it was false. Read her statement carefully and see the key word. Madam Ooni and Ooni are no more. That her gender equality view was problematic for me. I was fighting the bill at the senate when her views came out. She did not believe men and women were equal. . . . Wura said some things that were disturbing. It was NOT infidelity or infertility. Whatever it was, oracles cannot arrange marriages forever. Happiness matters. Even Janet Jackson who had a hit song #Control felt seriously controlled in a forced muslim conversion marriage to a billionaire. Wura is now FREE of whatever was saddening her royal marriage. Even the best of the best Charles and Diana did not last. Tomorrow we remember Princess Diana after 20 years of her death August 31st 1997. . . Whether Wuraola Zaynab was married to the Lebanese billionaire, Jigawa governor or the Ooni is nobody's business anymore. I've never been married at 53 yo except to Jesus in prison as I stated showing my new found love for my bible. I am not "born again" pls. No fake terms. Port Harcourt Pastor Indomie said if you are 35yo and not married you are IRRESPONSIBLE. Marriage is in God's time. . . . May God see you through your royal highness. @hhzaynab. Thank u for speaking out for we victims of domestic violence. I look forward to joining hands with you on that topic. MadamKOO @hnnafrica on Twitter and Facebook #hnnroyalty #hnnpersonality

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4. Igwe 2Pac aka Amoshine

Yesterday, Twitter threw subs at Bobrisky, Vico and Speed Darlington. We believe they forgot a crucial individual. You’ll see why soon.



The very meaning of the apple does not fall far from the tree.

5. Lanre Olusola

Today, Mr Olusola, the life, mind, and behavioural coach turned 50. There’s much to celebrate:

6. TY Bello

Of course, TY Bello was on hand to immortalise the occasion:

THE DANCE : LANRE OLUSOLA at 50 To @lanreolusola life is not just a walk .. or a journey .. it's a dance .. that's what the faith I see Him walk in looks like .. Lanre Dances with Heaven and He's committed to showing us how .. he's not only my life coach but my dance coach. This faith dance he teaches :we start with the predictable steps … forward .Learning rhythm .. counting time .. left right . Left right ..till we know it .. and just when we get comfortable .. whoosh ..!! God carries us ..Then the movements transcend the familiar beats ..He moves us to His heart beat .. and we really don't have to do much .. we just trust and Follow .. this most .. beautiful .. exhilarating .. always new Dance . About 13 years ago, brother Lanre taught me the basic moves .. helped me to see who I was .. what I should aspire to .. he helped PAINT a clear picture of where God was taking me.. not by mere intelligence .. I've looked back into my journal from back then .. Lanre Olusola has consistently echoed heaven… and like his Father .. just when you get a hang of it .. WHOOSH .. he switches from the familiar .. to pure faith .. to the prophetic. .. then things Get really exciting .. Some of the most crazy- beautiful .. things I've done I've come by mirroring @lanreolusola 's uncommon insights and perspectives on life .. so when lanre coaches you .. you don't do anything ordinary .. or according to norm .. not worship .. not .. marriage … not business .. not friendship .. Every thing fresh and new in Grace and true Freedom . .. I'm a creative .. this teacher of mine .. gets in and creates with me .. when God is trying to Show me what it means to dance .. he'll come in and explore ..showing me new ways how. ..When God is showing me how to sing spontaneously .. My teacher @lanreolusola gets in and sings along .. bringing a new dimension of clarity to what it's all about . Thank you so much for being not just an amazing teacher but a super Human being .. showing us how to be awesome and simple at the same time . Your love for God and people is infectious ..always grateful. #happybirthday Kupi

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More love for the coach:

8. Arit Okpo

Arit shares the impact of Wana’s reading of her new album, In Memory of Forgetting:

8. Van GHoe

This story strolled from the ‘gram to Twitter, and people are shook:




10. Kene

Girl was giving herself love on her TL and this happened.

TwitterNG is stunned:

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