UltimateLoveNG: “She sits in front of you and open her legs” | Chris’ confirmation for her prophecy

Seems like the new drama in the house barring the Arnold and Jay debacle is this thing between Chris and Presh. Once best of friends and now rivals, Chris and Presh have developed a habit of throwing shades at each other, with Chris doing most of the shading these days.

Chris’s disdain for Presh is near-psychotic or perhaps based on an unfounded fact. When Chris is not sleeping, eating, cooking or handling a task, she is almost certainly whispering to someone about her favorite gossip subject; Presh. One would think that it would be the other way round seeing as Presh loves has shown so much passion for backbiting, but Chris seems to be clocking overtime with this animosity pertaining to her ex bestie.

The day before Chris spoke to her partner; Ville about a prophesy she claimed to have received from God, she claimed that God told her to stay away from Presh, because of her evil heart adding that she was not going to ignore the revelation. So what does she do the very next day? Can you guess right? She ignores the revelation. How, you may wonder? Well, by gossiping about Presh some more.

Seems like Chris cannot shake the fact that she must co-exist with someone, who we can only assume she blatantly hates. In yet another conversation with her partner, she claimed to have received another prophecy via her dreams. She told Ville that; “Precious likes you and she wants to be with you. I saw that dream.” Ville immediately confessed that he too has noticed it in so many ways.

He claims that he didn’t want to tell Chris until they leave the house so as not to upset her; “Anytime she sits next to me she is always looking straight into my eyes, and I’m not always feeling comfortable with it.” Chris also said that she has noticed that anytime Presh sits opposite Ville she comes in front of him and “opens her legs.”

Unfounded jealousy, dementia or fact? Is Chris being unreasonable or is she seeing something that everyone else is not?


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