#YNaijaBBNOp-ed: Could Erica’s BBN journey be similar to Tacha’s?

The Big Brother Naija reality TV show, since its first edition, has had only a handful of contestants brave enough to test Big Brother.

Last season, we saw this with Tacha, as the defiant ex-housemates showed little concern for Big Brother’s rules. This season, we may be seeing a similar story with BBN lockdown’s resident sweetheart, Erica.

Erica’s transformation

Erica, who on first sight seemed like a forbearing character, transformed before our very eyes, into a no nonsense radical, who blatantly refuses to be pushed to the wall. It began with her stint with Lucy, who at that point, had built up a reputation of out-agitating anyone she sets her sights on.

Evidently, she may have decided that she could make an apparently offensive comment about Erica, and the mild-mannered sweetheart wouldn’t react. This didn’t turn out to be the case, as Erica’s ensuing out burst made it clear to everyone in the house that the actress’s smile and gentle nature is not an invite for confrontation.

Erica also had a fall out with Wathoni, and to be honest, the gentle Wathoni, didn’t stand a chance. Erica’s words pierced far more deeply than Wathoni’s as both ladies went back and forth on how they felt about each other. At some point Wathoni literally sat quiet and took a pounding.

Erica was able to complete sentences, before Wathoni could get a single word out. This confrontation which was even more aggressive than the one she had with Lucy, made it absolutely clear that Erica is not to be messed with.

Erica’s weak spot

As interesting as her issues with Lucy and Wathoni were, it is even more interesting to know the synonymous outset of both altercations. Her quarrel with Lucy and Wathoni were both because of Kiddwaya.

Like it or not, Erica shows very little restraint when it comes to the man after her heart. She absolutely fails to tolerate any derogatory or subliminal attack on her and her man, and has shown she can lose common sense when it comes to Kidd.

She has two strikes now already, and if you guessed it’s because of Kidd, you would be right. She broke Big Brother’s rules just to talk and be with Kidd. Her chances of winning the game are now all but compromised if she should make another mistake, and the possibility of her making another mistake is likely.

Yesterday, during her diary room session with Big Brother, she went on and on about how she didn’t appreciate the way Lucy talked down on Kidd. full story here.

After her tirade, Erica promised to make sure she confronts Lucy again over the issue, and tell her to her face, everything she had told Big Brother, before Sunday.


This honestly seems troubling, especially considering how agitated Erica gets when Kidd is involved. Not to mention that she is looking to confront a very talented antagonist.

Hopefully she changes her mind, and focuses on her game, than put herself in a position to get disqualified. Especially if you take into account that she has a legitimate chance of winning the game.

A relationship, a ticking time bomb

Fans of Erica and Kiddwaya, dubbed Kiddrica have since watched the show with hopes that the spark between both characters leads to a beautiful love tale.

Kiddricas, at this point are near desperate to see their lobe flourish, as some of them can swear that Erica and Kidd’s relationship is the sweetest thing to happen to TV. But in reality, such unwavering resolve to see this ship sail, would be fueled by their reluctance to see the red flags.

Since getting together, Kidd simply looks to be having fun with the moment, while Erica looks to have fallen head over hills for the Billionaire socialite.

Kidd constantly avoids any conversation that may appear vulnerable, and often opts for naughty small talks instead. That’s not to say they don’t have serious conversations at all, but to point out the fact that, for two people who spend so much time with each other, they don’t have nearly enough serious talks.

Last night, Kidd displayed the biggest red flag thus far, and his actions seemed to have wounded Erica. In an ugly turn of events, Erica got into a heated argument with Kidd, calling him a spoilt brat, and claiming to be done with the relationship,  because she feels Kidd is not reciprocating her affection.

She had poured out her heart to Kidd and his reply was a simple “I don’t have anything to say.” His heart breaking one liner left Erica in disbelief as she spoke to anyone that would listen, how devoid of emotions she believes Kidd is.

She mentioned that his lifeless comment was disrespectful, and continually reiterated that she wants more than sex talks. She later burst into tears, and cried right back into the arms of Kidd.

She ran to Laycon at some point. To say she was an emotional wreck last night, would be putting it mildly.

Laycon eventually turned her away, reassuring her that she is not as alone as she thinks, and she is loved. But he had to send her packing, for his own mental sanity. It is interesting to point out that she was drunk during the course of these events, and may not have been in her right mind.

Whatever the case maybe, one thing is almost certain, and it’s how eccentric and impulsive this character can be. Erica is a beautiful but flawed bombshell who lets her emotions guide her actions. If she doesn’t thread lightly, she may end up cutting her own BBN journey short. Remind you of anyone?

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