10 disturbing scenes from xenophobic attacks in South Africa (PHOTOS)

by Kolapo Olapoju

We bring to you 10 shocking pictures from the streets of Johannesburg, South Africa, where Friday, April 17, was yet another day of widespread looting and anti-immigrant attacks.

In the last two weeks of xenophobic rioting, several people have been reported dead.

The attacks began as a result of widely-held beliefs that the South Africa’s economic travails are being caused by foreign nationals.

About 100 foreigners have flocked to a Johannesburg police station to seek protection from the mob, while others sheltered in a community centre.

See below disturbing pictures from South Africa’s xenophobic attacks:












[Photo credit: H/T DailyMail]

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  1. Lucky Dube was not murdered cause they thought he was Nigerian. He got murdered during a robbery.

  2. I am a South African and I’m totally against these attacks.
    The attacks are mainly fuelled by a number of reasons, the issue here is not hating foreigners, South Africa is the only country in the world that took down its borders to allow immigrants in who are fleeing their own countries, for over 20 years South Africans didn’t have a problem with this but the rise in crime that didn’t exist in South Africa now do, counterfeit money, forcing women to be their drug mules, kidnapping and forcing women to be sex slaves, guns have run rampant and our country has strict gun laws hence no foreigner has been shot at by any citizen cause we aren’t allowed to own guns. I’ve had 4 Nigerians break into our flat with guns pointed at us and this was back in varsity, and things have gotten worse since then. Its not all foreigners but in South Africa people aren’t used to having their daughters kidnapped only to be found in a different city as sex slaves so people are hurt. I suggest foreigners should move to the western part of the country, they’ll be safe this side because it’s the country side but we’re nicer people and more accepting.

    1. You attribute these crimes yo mention to non South Africans? That is nit justifiable. There were serious crimes being committed by South Africans long before. Lucky Dube was murdered by Native South Africans becos the thought he was a Nigerian. What was Dube’s crime?

  3. Let’s stop all their companies her from operating eg mtn,dstv,woolworths etc and watch our local ones afterall we are rich we can link up with skysports tv in uk and watch our european matches

    Dear Nigerians i beseech u let’s say know xenophobia, “South Africa must go”

  4. When they were under the regime of apartheid. African peoples were united. Today they kill them. Why so much hate ??? Why so much jealousy ???? I am ashamed to be an African

  5. Why are S/As doing this? Does it mean they don’t have their nationales in other nations. God said in His word that strangers should not be maltreated. They may biblically be attracting curses upon their nation. They can avert that if they can repair the wrong they have done these foreigners. They government of S/A can still do something to correct the damage it’s citizen has done.

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