#BBNaijaShineYourEyes: Angel tells Michael to pick her for a genuine relationship

Angel, since getting into the Big Brother Naija House, has truly been a fascinating character. Some of the best attributes to describe her are smart, confident, free spirited and fun. She has shown that she is the sort of person that would not lie to others, and certainly not lie to herself. So when she talks, you can expect brutal honesty; even though this has rubbed people off the wrong way.

This is why she has been straight with Sammie from day one. She told him that she is not ready for a full on relationship with him and is only physically attracted to him and not mentally or emotionally. This must be the reason why she is so free with Sammie. With Michael on the other hand, it’s like she becomes a sixteen year old teenage girl again.

Angel’s attraction to Michael has been glaring since the day he walked in, Unfortunately, Jackie B beat her to the punch. Right off the bat, Jackie B marked her territory with Michael [read story here] Unfortunately, that ship seemed to have sunk, and as Maria puts it, it may have had something to do with Angel’s power.

Whether or not, Angel is the cause of the break up between Jackie B and Michael, the fact remains that the decision was in Michael’s hand and he chose to slow things down with Jackie. Being a single man, Angel has decided not to make the same mistake she made the first time in being slow.

Since Sunday, she has been warming up to Michael and quite honestly, she has sometimes become very girly around him. Agreeing with everything he says, laughing at all his jokes, being unable to maintain eye contact with him, is precisely how Angel has been around him.

Today, while the housemates awaited the brief for their task presentation, Liquorose, Michael and Angel were having a conversation in the dinning room, and it goes without saying that Liquorose didn’t do much talking, she just let Angel have her time with Michael.

During the conversation, Michael made reference to wanting a genuine friend which he could also be intimate with. Without sugar coating it, Angel told Michael to pick her. Michael on the other hand refused, noting that he doesn’t feel like she is that kind of girl. Sadly, the brief came just then and interrupted the conversation, creating a cliff hanger in this supposed love story.

It’s unclear if Michael is still looking to make things work with Jackie; hence his reluctance to let Angel in, or if he just doesn’t like Angel, the way she likes him. What is clear however is that he has either been oblivious to signs Angel has been giving him or not interested.

This morning, they had a conversation where Angel made it clear to him that she does not connect with Sammie on a mental and emotional level. Seems like she wanted him to know that she is on the market and he can make his move whenever he pleases or maybe the conversation just went there organically.

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