[The Church Blog]: Travis Greene got us all worshipping again

If you ever thought that Intentional, Made A Way and the many tracks that made us all love Travis Greene was the end of his music, you were so wrong. Travis has proven to us all that he’s here to stay and stay for a very long time.

The gospel singer won his way into the hearts of many Nigerians in the year 2016 after the release of his 2015 album “The Hill” which earned him regular invitations to Nigerian events starting with the Night of Worship organised by Joshua Ville in November 2015. You could hardly attend any worship event/church service without worshipping with one of his tracks.

The Made A Way crooner recently released another hit track titled “You Waited”.

The song, “You waited” speaks of the saving grace of God that loves us regardless of our mistakes and flaws and how this grace prevents us from evil by waiting on us till we make the perfect decision of following God. The Travis Greene live performance charm came alive in this track which made the song more appealing.

“You waited” is that kinda song that that would immediately stimulate the lifting up of holy hands when raised by the worship team. You know that feeling right?

I bet this is going to be on our worship playlist for another few months; at least before he releases another bombshell.

If you’ve not watched the video, my question for you is “what exactly have you been doing with your data?”

Watch below:

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