Class of 2016: These are the 100 most influential Nigerians on Twitter

by Chi Ibe

For the first time in a very long while, the conversation on TwitterNG has ceased to be monopolized and dominated by tweeps with thousands of followers who believe they reserve the rights to set the pace on what is important and what is not.

2016 has seen the coming to fore of relatively unknown handles with fewer followers but just as much influence. They have challenged convention and driven the narrative with depth of knowledge, sublime intelligence, and incredible bants. Perhaps, the past year marked the beginning of the end of ‘overlordship’ on TwitterNG as we know it. Perhaps.

With the tone set, we present to you the 100 most influential tweeps on TwitterNG in 2016.

Please note that the list is arranged in no particular order.


Official Twitter account of Nigeria’s former president, Goodluck Jonathan. Anything that comes out of this handle likely gets picked up by the blogs and national dailies – you don’t get more influential than this.


Tolu continues to be his usual self on Twitter as he is out of it. Brilliant, witty, and always willing to engage. He has however been a little quieter this year as we suspect his job as a government aide takes a lot away from his Twitter time.


Osagz is Osagz – opinionated and knowledgeable. When it comes to music he’s got it covered. No lies here, facts only.


He leads the Twitter ‘Intelleshuals’. You don’t know what that means? It’s a section of TwitterNG that scoffs at intellectuals for being what they are – intellectuals. Jag Bros never appears ruffled even when attacked by foes, and of-course, he commands a huge presence among like mind tweeps.




Co-founder of the wave making Andela and Flutterwave. 2016 was a huge year for him as Facebook Founder, Mark Zuckerberg paid a surprise visit to Nigeria and met his group of developers. Iyin continues to be a force to reckon with on Twitter NG.


Perhaps, the revelation of the year. Witty, Intelligent, knowledgeable and what have you. Ayobami drives the narrative on multiple topics – politics, sports, economy, policy, even religion. What makes him tick is his fact-based analysis – exposing lots of ‘overlords’ as some sort of pseudo-intellectuals.


A medical doctor – Ada’s ‘Christmas On The Streez’ has become the culture for many people on Christmas Day, and it is quite commendable. Last Christmas, the program clocked 5 years and if you are still wondering what it is about we’ll explain – it’s about people going to Makoko in Lagos to spend Christmas with the less privileged. Cool, yeah?


A pain in the lower back of many people on Twitter. She ensures no one gets away with lies and double-speak as she fact-checks these stuff. Joyce comes across as well-grounded on the economy and there’s so much to learn from her.


Japheth is one of the Twitter overlords who has managed to remain consistent and stayed true to his craft. His influence cannot be underestimated and his reach is evidenced by the sheer number of followers he has garnered over the years. Good year for him though as he reportedly landed a deal with a top company as a brand ambassador.


Controversial as ever. Looks like tweeps see her mostly controversial tweets as deliberate attempts at grabbing attention. Luckily for her, some of those attention-seeking tweets are at their attention seeking best and she shakes TwitterNG.


Cool, Calm, Collected. That is Tunde. His book ‘Guardian of The Seals’ coupled with a great launch surely gained traction on Twitter.


Not exactly loved by many but surely respected by all (well… maybe not all). He has been attacked for being an anonymous coward who displays bigotry by virtue of his anonymity but does he care? We think not. He continues to discuss issues close to his heart without fear of the ‘tyrannical’ majority.


Kenna is a fanatical Manchester United supporter. He is everywhere ‘trolling’ when things go well for his team, but when things go sour, he goes philosophical. How typical. He is a well-known figure on ‘banter twitter’.


Brand maverick and director general of the “I told you Buhari is not all that” group. Edward’s work as business development exec at Chocolate City and part convener of premier music business conference – Music Week Africa speaks for him.


He is President Buhari official spokesman so whatever he says surely carries weight. He has run into a few problems lately defending his boss but the good mallam as managed to handle it with grace. Tough job.


Today PDP tomorrow APC. January very pro-Buhari and March pro-Sheriff PDP led faction. Mukthar leaves a lot of people wondering where his loyalty really lies, especially as it seems it lies somewhere we don’t seem to know.


What exactly stands Demola out? Is it his bluntness or his ability to analyse politics concisely? We’d say both. Demola’s knowledge of politics and politicking is a delight. Even to his critics. And there are many of them we tell you.


TextTheLaw has taken on the title of Ruffler General of the Federal Republic (GCFR) with his column, Chronicles of Chills – an intricate combination of mordant ‘wokeness’ and an enviable knowledge of issues within Nigeria makes Rotimi an indispensable person to have ‘pon the TL’.


The very resourceful Esther plays a very key role as an aide to Honourable Minister J. Muhammed. Very engaging and plays her role quite well.

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