[The Sexuality Blog] We are happy M.I. is finally taking a stand on gay rights

Rapper and record label executive M.I Abaga recently started a podcast called ‘Middle Ground’, a non-conventional talk podcast he runs with April Maey where they just volley thoughts about any and everything. The first episode was a bit of a miss, and we spoke at length on here about how his reasoning was dangerous for victims of manipulation. But his new podcast episode is showing us that the rapper is starting to take these matters seriously and is ready to push the conversation.

In response to the case of the girl who was sexually assaulted by her Taxify driver, M.I, April Maey and Wendy Akomolafe-Kalu (the show’s producer), talk about sexual harassment and transphobia. M.I  followed the podcast with a number of tweets that reiterate his position that the anti-LGBT law passed by Goodluck Jonathan in 2015 is stupid and only serves as a tool to harass innocent people.

M.I’s admonition couldn’t have come at a more opportune time, the case of the 72 men arrested at Owode on the charge of ‘homosexuality’ is fresh and a visceral example of how the laws can easily used as a tool for discrimination.

Hopefully he won’t be the only mainstream rapper who speaks up against the anti-LGBT law, its unconstitutionality and the illegality of its implementation. The average Nigerian might not listen to activists, but they listen to their idols.


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