Opinion: Uncle Dele, how market?

by Richard Romanus

Of all the APC and President Mohammadu Buhari supporters who are today singing a new song due to his abysmal and catastrophic performance in almost two years, none of them surprises me more than our very own Otunba Dele Momudu, publisher, Ovation Magazine. I know some people will quickly argue that, uncle Dele is still a big fan of Baba but a few others like yours sincerely who have deliberately decided to be keeping a date with him every Saturday on ‘ The Pendulum’ his weekly column on Thisday Newspaper, can confidently say that he is the newest member of the National Association of Nigeria Wailers (NANW).

My reason is simple. His articles on that column in recent times can be mistaken for that of Reno Omokri or Femi Aribasala, both of whom are known critics of the Buhari led administration.

But why the sudden U- turn when virtually all the people that brought President Buhari like himself are till date, still suing for calm and patience from Nigerians in almost two years!Haba Egbon, is it not the same you told whoever cared to listen that, General Buhari was Nigeria’s messiah? The same Daura Ex-General you preferred over an ex-university lecturer? The over seventy years old man you preferred over a man in his 50s? You of all people cannot claim ignorance of the fact that the Old man you and your likes foisted on Nigerians is a known religious bigot with zero respect for democratic ethos. I know you knew all of this but the ‘operation send Goodluck parking’ was more paramount. Now see the mess you have all put us!

The Nigeria Naira we were told was going to be made to be equal to one Dollar is losing value on a daily basis, the recession that accompanied the ‘Change’ team is steadily heading to depression, people are dying on a daily basis due to their inability to access basic health care while so many are rendered homeless for not been able to pay their rents. Needless to remind you that the prices of everything in Nigeria have skyrocketed ever since ‘Baba’ as you fondly call him came on board.

A couple of days ago, a total of five armed robbers were burnt to death in Calabar, the Cross River State Capital on two different occasions. While I agree that Arm robbery has been a long time security challenge in our Country, I make bold to say that, it has only become rampant due to the unbearable hardship in the land. Worst still is the fact that instead of Nigerians allowing the law take its course on suspects, they’d rather vent their anger and frustration on their fellow human beings by burning them alive. People are increasingly losing their minds on a daily basis that is why jungle justice is on the rise if you must know. What a Change!

Senator Ahmed Bola Tinubu (Jagaban) and Chief Bisi Akande among a few others of that age bracket can easily be forgiven for selling their fellow Octogenarian on us but forgiving the younger men like you who were neck deep in the Buhari Project is really a difficult one.

You of all people won my admiration when you entrusted your entire presidential campaign apparatus to 26 years old Ohimai Godwin Amaize as your Presidential campaign manager during your failed Presidential bid in 2011.

By that singular gesture, you gave many of us hope for the future. You made us believe that you believe in our capacity and ability as youths in whatever task that is assigned to us. It also meant that, whether your presidential aspiration was realised or not, there was an urgent need for our country men and women to begin to look towards entrusting the leadership of this Country to a new generation leader with youthful swag and energy.

Though you never won that election but the consciousness you brought to the fore am sure contributed immensely to the emergence of the immediate past President, Goodluck Jonathan in 2011 general elections. One would have expected that at the end of the elections, you give the Jonathan presidency all the needed support it may need to succeed, but hell NO, you surprisingly threw your full weight on a man who knows next to nothing on how a 21st-century economy is run a few years after. Now see how backwards we have become as a country!

Nigeria as at today is a complete theatre of drama. Nothing is working. Not even the lies of Lai Mohammed or that of Femi Adesina and Garba Shehu. All the lies and propaganda that brought the present Government to power is no longer holding water, confirming the biblical scripture that says ” To everything under the sun, there is a season”.

Uncle Dele, you owe some of us who hold you in high esteem one favour and that is,holding your peace until mid 2018 when the politics of 2019 must have kick started in Ernest where I expect that, you will come out openly and correct your mistake by ensuring that, the most incompetent and clueless President Nigeria has ever had is sent parking. Stop wasting your ink in the name of advising the administration. Can’t you see that they are not listening!

Until then, Well done Sir in Falz D badt guy’s voice.

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Richard Romanus writes from Calabar.

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  1. What a stupid article from a like-minded person! If you want to criticise Buhari go & ahead & do it, that’s cool, it’s good in fact. But don’t don’t make GeJ appear like a beta option cos he & this president share one thing in common, they’re aboth failed/failing presidents ie. They’re failures! I keep reminding wack people like you, that Buhari’s weakness is not GEJs strength. Isn’t an incumbent loosing damning enough? Anyway, I can see that you are an igbo above all so I understand the hate & inexplicable comparison. Well, I must say that this is a most immature writeup & I don’t know why Ynaija keeps posting such. I might just have to change my daily news feed source if this continues.

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