[The Church Blog]: On going to “the abroad” and losing your religion

These days I get scared over how Christian conversations have suddenly turned mainstream conversation on Twitter. It can only be proof of the fact that Jesus is coming soon. LOL.

The other day, it was about Jesus committing suicide and now it’s about how Christians suddenly turn atheists after a few travels outside Africa and the argument is genuine.

The line of reasoning is that in more developed countries, there is less dependence on the miraculous and more dependence on functional systems. For the purpose of clarity, @cremechic11 who started the thread stated that although some still wax strong in their faith after travelling to such countries, the idea is that when you’re faced with a system that works, your purpose for serving God would be re-evaluated.

I find this essentially true because in this part of the world where we approach God from a cultural point of view and have our religion based on societal weakness, serve him based on our idea of who he is, the foundation of what we call faith is weak.

It’s even funny how after reading the thread, I still found myself unconsciously praying for electricity supply as I needed to do a few things but I had low batteries and time was running out. Many Nigerians can relate with this because, at one time or the other, we’ve prayed for inane things like jobs, good roads, water and even good network.

So, when we travel to advanced countries where there is a strong societal system in place, you are then faced with the authenticity and legitimacy of what you call your faith.

I’m glad we are having this kind of conversation about our faith especially on a platform like Twitter because it only takes us back to the point where we evaluate what we call Christianity and then walk in the light of the true faith that Jesus expects us to walk in.

So, while I wait for the next Christian narrative that would go mainstream, let me go and buy fuel for my generator. I don’t want to be caught fasting and praying for electricity. LOL

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