The Thread: How Igbos should conduct themselves in these crazy times

In the wake of the Nigerian Military’s activation of Operation Python Dance, BBOG activist and Co-founder of Transparency International Oby Ezekwesili told President Buhari that his leadership sucks and he needs to stop being a sectional leader. Media aide to Buhari, Garba Shehu responded for his master, criticizing Ezekwesili for saying nary a word against Nnamdi Kanu in times past. Folks on TwitterNG also jumped on Ezekwesili’s tweet, accusing her of tribalism. Other Igbos who’ve dared to speak up against the militarization of Abia state have also been set upon by Political Twitter’s Alsatians, who have accused them of being silent about Kanu when it mattered.

Fun fact: These guys were not silent.

In a little while, Igbos found the need to first publish this PSA before leaving their two cents on the subject:

Other Igbos think it a curious thing to do, not to mention needless.

So here’s your first lesson in handling yourself throughout this operation Python Dance:


We hope so.

Now here’s an elaborate to-do list. Follow strictly:


For real though, here’s a Whatsapp broadcast telling Igbos in Abia state how to stay safe.

Guide on how to stay safe in the Entire South East during the Military exercise named Egwu Eke II (Python Dance II) from September 15, 2017, to October 14, 2017. Your life is in your hand.

Your life is in your hand.

1. Always carry your ID card with you, so that you can always identify yourself whenever called upon to do so.
2. Never stay out late for whatever reason.
3. If you must drive, make sure your driver’s license and all your car particulars are complete and valid.
4. If possible do not use a car with tinted glass even if you have a permit.
5. If you are stopped at the check point, answer only the questions that you are asked. Do not volunteer any information or ask questions.
6. Do not for any reason argue with any military personnel, they are all battle ready.
7. Stay indoors as much as possible, go out if it is absolutely necessary.
8. Do not play ball on the street.
9. Do not jog on the street.
10. Do not for any reason carry the Biafran flag with you.
11. Do not play loud music in your car.
12. Do not undertake any interstate journey, unless it is absolutely necessary. You must target to arrive your destination before it gets dark.
13. Avoid fixing weddings, burials or any form of function that will require the gathering of many people.
14. Females should as much as possible move around in pairs.
15. Be warned, this is like war situation.

To be forewarned…

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