#YNaijaBBNDatapoints: 10 mind blowing Big Brother Naija stats you may have missed

As we say goodbye to the Big Brother Naija Lockdown season, and celebrate the winner of N85 million grand prize; Laycon, we thought it fun to throw some interesting BBN facts your way, including numbers that highlight the major incentives some of the housemates managed to escape with.

The data provided will depict the fortunes and misfortunes of some of the housemates, the extraordinary events most of the housemates experienced, the impact of the show on both the housemates and the fans, and of course, some abnormalities that occurred down the stretch of the show.

1. Breaking social media 

The Big Brother Naija show is the very definition of a national phenomena, and its mark on social media these past three months buttresses this point. The social media growth of the housemates this season is astronomical, as they shot from a few thousands to hundreds of thousands. As of the time of the finale, here are the housemates Instagram following.

Laycon: 1.4 million verified

Erica: 976,000 verified

Nengi: 1 million verified

Kiddwaya: 1 milllion verified

Tochi: 262,000

Lucy: 245,000

Ozo: 809,000 verified

Kaisha: 379,000

Ka3na: 472,000 verified

Prince: 579,000 verified

Praise: 520,000 verified

Wathoni: 525,000

Trickytee: 468,000

Dorothy: 938,000 verified

Neo: 456,000

Vee: 564,000

Eric: 187,000

Lilo: 501,000 verified

Tolanibaj: 521,000 verified

Brighto: 418,000

2. List of sponsors for the show this year

It is no secret that a lot of financing is needed to put a show of this magnitude together. Fortunately a lot of capable brands were willing to jump on this project and make it a huge success. Their contributions went a long way, and this is a list of the brands that chipped in to make the show a grand slam.

Beverage Companies: Guinness Nigeria, Pepsi, Lipton, Johnnie Walker.

Financial/Fintech companies: Betway Nigeria, Patricia, Kuda, Flutterwave.

Beauty brands: Darling hair, Hawaii soap.

Healthcare brands: Amatem soft gel, My Paddi.

Others: Tolaram group, Indomie, Airtel , Tom Tom, Revolution Plus, Oppo, Innoson Vehicles, Scanfrost, TravelBeta, Dulux Paint, and Waw.

3. Brand task presentations (small and big wins)

These aforementioned brands didn’t only chip in to create a seamless show, they also created many opportunities for each housemate to at least go home with some form of compensation save the big prize.

Just to put it into prospect, a total of 46.5 million naira was split amongst housemates as a reward for their participation in tasks presentations. Here’s a list of the cash prize some of these brands made available through out the course of the show.

Dulux Paint: N2 million

Guinness: N3 million

Travelbeta: N2 million

Airtel: N2 million

Hawaii: N2 million

Tom Tom: N2 million

Indomie: N8 million

Kuda: N2 million

Revolution Plus: N2 million

Johnnie Walker: N3 million

Oppo: N2 million

Amatem Soft Gel: N1 million

Darling: N5 million

Waw: N1 million

Flutterway: N1 million

My Paddi: 1 million

Lipton: N5 million

Patricia: Gift coin worth of $500 for a total of 18 housemates and $1000 worth of bitcoin for three housemates. A total of $12,000 or N4,566,000

This is just considering cash prize alone asides the Betway Trivia games. There are a ton of other non cash incentives such as all expense paid trips to Dubai, all expense paid trips to Abuja, an Innoson car worth N4.5 million, appliances, one year free supply of a few products and more.

4. Wager tasks

The wager tasks in the Big Brother Naija house was created to give the housemates the opportunity to afford the sort of living comfort they desire. A weekly wager win simply denotes an abundance of house supplies, like food stuff and toiletries, while a failed performance means the exact opposite. Despite a win-loss ratio of 1  to 4 in the first four weeks; the housemates were able to sit up and turn their luck around. They won 5 of the last 6 weekly wagers, winning the last five straight. Seems like the less they were, the easier it was for them to organise themselves.

Week 1: Knowledge about each other – Loss

Week 2: Circus task – Loss

Week 3: 80s Musical – Win 

Week 4: No means No campaign – Loss

Week 5: Who to blame? – Loss

Week 6: Tribute to a hero – Win

Week 7: Ex-housemate portrayal – Win 

Week 8: Showmax Talent Show – Win

Week 9: Win

Week 10: Win

5. Head of House Wins

For the head of house challenges this year, luck just seemed to be on the side of some housemates more than the others. There were a number of multiple wins for a single opponent and what is interesting about this is that 70% of the housemates in a ten week period never got to experience this perk. 55% never got to even experience both the HOH and deputy head of house position.

Meanwhile, Nengi, Ozo and Erica were all able to win it twice. Prince was DHOH twice,  Nengi was HOH for two different weeks and DHOH for a separate week. Kiddwaya was both HOH and DHOH for two separate weeks. In conclusion, HOH and DHOH positions were a rather exclusive club.


Week 1NengiWathoni
Week 2LucyPrince`
Week 3OzoDorothy 
Week 4 EricaKiddwaya
Week 5Kiddwaya Tolanibaj
Week 6 OzoNengi
Week 7Erica Prince
Week 8 TrickyteeLaycon
Week 9Nengi

6. List of Djs that came this season

The Big Brother Naija show is just one big party, and Saturday’s nights in the house holds the official party for the week. These parties are usually filled with booze, and lots of music. Fortunately, this music is provided by some of the country’s most distinguished Djs.  Here are all the Djs that showed up for the BBN show this season.

  • Sarz
  • DJ Obi
  • DJ Crowd controller
  • DJ Consequence
  • DJ Big N
  • DJ Lambo
  • DJ Exclusive
  • DJ Neptune
  • DJ Kaywise
  • DJ Switch
  • Veentage Band

7. Discrepancies in the evictions

This year, Big Brother introduced an unorthodox style of evictions, where all housemates are subject to fan votes for the week. On Sundays, the four housemates with the least vote from the fans would be up for possible eviction, after which the remaining contestant  vote out their least favorite housemate.

This system ran from the 2nd week to the fifth week and caused some concern owing to the fact that sometimes even the housemate in the bottom four who had the highest vote from fans can still be evicted in place of the person who had the least vote from fans.

Week 2- ; Ka3na-1.28%, Praise-1.28%, Eric-1.37%, Lilo– 1.52%  Lilo had a higher percentage among fans than Praise but was nevertheless evicted owing to the fact that she had more elimination votes from her fellow housemates.

Week 4- Neo-3.13%, Wathoni-3.25%, Trikytee-3.47%, Kaisha-3.48%. Kaisha had the highest percentage among fans in week four, but was voted out by the housemates.

This system was cancelled in the fifth week and was reverted back to the normal housemate nominating and fans evicting system.

8. Biggest Big Brother in the world

Following the incremental success of the Big Brother Naija show every year since it’s debut in 2006, Net Nigeria put together an extensive piece on how BBN has become the biggest Big Brother show in the world. The report cites factors like unemployment, scarcity of competing reality TV shows, affiliation and partnership with the entertainment industry, financial opportunities stemming from the show, job creation, social media prominence, over enthusiastic fans and a market that spans a continent as opposed to a single country, like say Big Brother Canada, which only Canadians watch. All these and more were reasons why the report claims that Big Brother Naija is the biggest Big Brother in the world.

9. Dreadlocks luck 

On a lighter note, Miracle, Laycon and Efe are three of the five BBN winners we have, and a common trait among them is their hairdo. They all spot a dread lock. Seems there is some luck to this hair style, or perhaps just coincidence.

10 . The 85 million

Though the winner is promised a grand prize of N85 million, not all of it is cash, in fact only N30 million is cash. The rest is the accumulated cost of a two bedroom apartment courtesy of Revolution Plus, an Innoson SUV, home appliances, a trip to Dublin Ireland, courtesy of Guinness, a year’s supply of Indomie Noodles, Colgate toothpaste, and Pepsi cola, a trip to watch the UEFA Champions League finals, a brand new Oppo smartphone, and a trip to Dubai, sponsored by Travelbeta.


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