3 simple solutions to tough weight loss problems

by Dana Smith


In case you are wondering what a spa has got to do with weight loss, it has been proved that the mechanism that these vessels use is the secret to effective weight loss.

Are you being troubled by weight issues that refuse to leave you? Well, if you have always weighed on the heavier side, you would know how much it takes to lose a single pound and how little to gain the same amount of weight. So, you have tried everything from morning walks to endless gym session todieting and even weight loss pills. And, nothing worked. Have you, however, tried hot tub sessions?

In case you are wondering what a spa has got to do with weight loss, it has been proved that the mechanism that these vessels use is the secret to effective weight loss. Because of this property of Down East hot tubs, their demand has splurged a great deal. That said, weight loss is not the only advantage of hot tub. There are many other ways in which one can benefit you. For example, spending around an hour in a spa daily can make you feel rejuvenated and stress free.

It can also cure muscular pain from various parts of your body. However, for the weightwatchers and those anxious to know how hot tub contributes to weight loss, here is the key.

The vessel utilizes certain properties of water like: pressure, current, heat, flow and buoyancy to aid weight loss. The water temperature and the current from the jet streams are the two main mechanisms that make shedding pounds easier. On the other hand, the buoyancy of the water in the tub allows one to practice exercises that overweight people otherwise find it difficult to practice on the ground.


Undoubtedly, it is not recommended that you should skip or jump in water because there is a threat of slipping and injuring. There are certain exercises that you can, nonetheless, safely practice in water.

Some of these are mentioned as follows:

1. Walking:

The simplest form of exercising, walking is great for the heart. For those who can’t walk more than fifteen minutes in a park or on the road without feeling out of breath, walking in water is the perfect way to achieve your per day target of walking 45 minutes at least. Go for it!

2. Cycling:

In case you have a spa, cycling is a great aquatic exercise for your thighs. And, no you don’t need any bicycle for that. All you need to do is stand with your chest towards one of the walls of the spa. Now, hold the spa wall with your hands and let the rest of your body float. Now, start cycling.

3. Yoga:

Yes, you can ever try some yoga postures in a hot tub. For example, the triangle and the leg lifts are simple exercises that you can do even with water surrounding you. You won’t drown by any chance.

Meditation and deep breathing exercises can also be done in the vessel, in a standing pose. These are some effective ways of losing weight with the help of Down east Spas. As you practice your cardios or yoga poses, the warmth and the current of the vessel works on your muscles, quickening weight and inch loss.


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