5 reasons we don’t care about Psquare’s rumoured fight

If we all can just start perceiving Paul and Peter Okoye’s constant social media bickering as mere sibling rivalry and not celebrity beef, then maybe we can look away everytime they make it to news headlines for same. This is exactly how we have learned to react to any news report that says “Psquare are fighting again”.

The twin brothers that make up singing duo, Psquare are reportedly beefing over something they are yet to make public and for the umpteenth time in their nearly two-decades long career. Paul and Peter have been throwing subliminal jabs at each other on social media and ever-attentive fans have busied themselves making conjectures from the messages:

  • Is this another major Psquare fight that will lead to a music drought?
  • Are they prepping us for a new album?
  • Is it a PR stunt to get fans talking again?
  • Are the brothers finally splitting to never return as a music group?

Read all about Psquare’s fight, their US tour cancellation and how fans have reacted here

As of time of writing, none of the brothers have officially confirmed a feud and even if they do, we still won’t be bothered as much. Here are five solid reasons for our decision:

We’re generally and genuinely tired of celebrities being silly

Just the other day, we had to deal with wailing Mr Eazi who has been going all over the place crying to anyone who cares to listen about how he introduced the Ghanaian vibe to Nigerian music. The pettiness is too much to handle and adding another Psquare controversy to it will wear everyone out. Your fans just want good music and of course, good drama that will eventually birth more good music. Anything short of these is not really our business.

Siblings quarrel everyday, don’t they?

Before Psquare became music stars, there was Paul and Peter Okoye, twin brothers who like every other twins in the world are prone to inexplicable rivalry and pointless disagreements. Regardless of how identical they are and in this case their shared interests, they are still individuals who function separately and are very likely to be in senseless competition against each other. So why won’t we let them live this out as humans rather than make it about us?

So what exactly is wrong with solo careers?

For not less than 17 years, these men have put out great music. With not less than 50 hit songs (or are we exaggerating?) and videos, sold-out concerts across Africa and beyond, drool-worthy mansions and loads of money in the bag, we wonder why everyone tries to bring the heavens down whenever they signal a potential split. Let’s ask ourselves frankly, what’s the worse that can happen if they really decide to split? We say nothing but double the amazing work they have offered in the last two decades.

Have you heard of Nnamdi Kanu and Biafra?

We bet you have! Even if you claim to be dwelling beneath a rock faraway in the North, we’re sure the leader of secessionist movement, IPOB is currently the most-talked about Nigerian Biafran, as of tonight. There’s a lot happening in Nigeria’s SouthEast region and many other parts for us to worry about a Psquare fight, rumour or genuine. Meanwhile, we hear President Muhammadu Buhari who is currently attending the 72nd United Nations General Assembly will be making a stop in London before returning to Abuja. Now you see we have bigger issues?

Their bank alert is Gbagam, how’s yours?

Valid question you need to ask yourself. Plus have you had dinner? Has Dangote ever visited you at home? Do you have a mansion in Banana Island? et cetera.


We’ll be treating ourselves to a Psquare playlist tonight starting with this one:

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