#BBNaija: Big Brother’s secret task to Saga and Liqourose may turn out to be harmful

For a few weeks now, things in the Big Brother Naija house has been going smoothly. Perhaps a little too smoothly for a show heavily reliant on drama and pandemonium. With this in mind, Big Brother decided to inject a little drama into the house.

Yesterday, during the diary room sessions, Big Brother gave Saga and Liquorose similar secret tasks, and that task was to start a fight with their lovers. All in good clean fun, Big Brother told both Saga and Liquorose that they were to start a fight and ignore Nini and Emmanuel respectively. He promised them a reward each at the end of the task and asked that they keep it up until their next diary room session.

Both housemates accepted to take on the secret task and promised to make Big Brother proud. However, these things are easier said than done. Whether they are willing to do it or not, is not as relevant as to whether they can actually pull it off. For two very dependent housemates, it’s going to be hard-selling the idea that they want some personal space. As it stands, some of the housemates are already a bit suspicious of Saga’s detachment to Nini.

Cross and Pere, got to talking last night, and they mentioned some of the oddities they’ve noticed since the week began. They noted how strange it was that Saga was distancing himself from Nini, and their guess was not too far off. They threaded towards the possibility that Big Brother put Saga up to this, as Saga seems incapable of going thirty minutes without being around Nini. They also guessed that Angel was instructed to act moody, so, you can say they were just throwing wild guesses out there, rather than being intuitive.

Also, the question of damage must be raised. Would these pretend fights lead up to real fights, and would any of the involved parties get hurt before the task is over? Already, Emmanuel was thrust into an argument he was neither prepared for nor aware of. When Liquorose confronted him with an argument from thin air, you could see he was genuinely confused and hurt by her words, and the pair ended up sleeping alone for the first time in weeks.

Nini, who has a strong personality, might not take too kindly to Saga giving her an attitude unprovoked. She is most likely going to confront him, and escalate the issue once it gets to a stage she is uncomfortable with, and from there who knows what she would do or say.

The task Big Brother gave these two housemates have all the makings of a chaotic soap opera, should Saga and Liquorose follow through. However, when the dust settles, will everything be alright or will too much have been said for things to simply return back to normal?

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